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Bodies of water provide a myriad of outdoor activities throughout the seasons. Adults can be seen on Five Island Lake fishing, boating, skiing, ice fishing, kayaking, cross country skiing, congregating on the sandbar and giving friends and family a view of the lakeshore from a pontoon. It is evident from smiling faces, laughter and the constant activity on the lake that it provides fun, amusement, joy and entertainment.

What do other groups, such as teenagers think of Five Island Lake? With the help of Emmetsburg Community School Librarian JaDee Gloede, several Emmetsburg High School students were willing to offer their opinions. They took the time to complete a short survey provided by the Five Island Lake Association. It was clear from their comments that they value having a lake as a resource for gatherings and activities.

They identified that the lake provides them an opportunity to do kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing, swimming, boating, gathering with friends, floating in tubes, jet skiing and relaxing. Their favorite parts of the lake included 3rd island, the t-dock in the south bay, the sandbar and 1st island.

Summer is the season that is most favored by the respondents. They take advantage of the warm weather to plan lake days, swim at the beach or the T-dock and boat with friends. Swimming on the last day of school has become a ritual for some. Building campfires at the lake is also a favorite pastime.

One of the anonymous 9th graders’ favorite memories was swimming with friends. Another anonymous respondent remembered hanging with friends and jumping off the t-dock after dark. Another was sentimental about going to the beach when little and playing with a brother and friends.

Other remembrances included Emerson and Nic having fun boating with friends.

When asked if there were any suggestions for lake improvements, the majority stated that a cleaner lake would be good. One specifically stated that “It is not very clean.”

The short survey was completed by two students who wanted anonymity. One was in 9th grade and the other was a 10th grader. Sophomore Cassie Erickson was another survey participant. Juniors Nic Lowe, Emerson Krieg and Connor Geelan also offered their opinions and memories.

Many thanks to JaDee Gloede for recruiting the students. And appreciation is also extended to those who took the time to give their responses. It was a fun exercise to learn what teenagers think of a natural resource that they can easily access. In addition to enjoying activities on the lake, they also recognize that work needs to be done for a healthier and cleaner body of water.

Previous question’s answer: Five Island Lake is a half mile wide

Question: What was the name of the group that did the restorative work for Five Island Lake in the 1930’s?

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