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Second Act Success: 4 Ways Retirees Can Succeed in Finding an Encore Career

(BPT) - While many people look forward to enjoying their golden years, others are delaying or coming out of retirement. According to the Department of Labor, there's a growing trend of older adults …
Remote work remains in high demand—how it's benefiting the companies that offer it
Revelo used Gallup data to analyze the demand for remote work, its benefits to employers, and the fallout among those reducing remote work options.  
Public schooling is best in these US cities
Stacker used 2023 data from Niche to look at the 25 cities with the best school districts in the United States.  
Exploring racial and ethnic disparities in learning disability diagnosis among students
Using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Marker Learning examined racial and ethnic differences in students with learning disabilities.
5 ways high school students can earn college credit
As the cost of higher education soars, more and more students want to get a jump on earning college credits. EDsmart looked at ways students could accomplish that goal.
Most common causes of workplace stress
Wysa used Zippia Research data to review common causes of workplace stress and how workers and companies can manage them.
Schools got $190B to counter the pandemic's effect on student learning—Here's how they spent it
The COVID-19 relief funds to schools are coming to a close. HeyTutor cited data from the Department of Education to determine how much states spent.

3 pro tips to help you jumpstart your career in the skilled trades

(BPT) - For recent high school grads, anyone transitioning from military service or those seeking a new career path, exploring job possibilities in the skilled trades can be eye-opening. The skilled …

5 Tips to Set Your Kids Up for Back-to-School Success

(Family Features) Consider these five school-readiness tips to help parents ease the jitters, prepare for school days and set goals to help ensure their children have great years.

3 Devices to Make Navigating Campus Life Easier

(Family Features) The right tech gadgets - like smartphones, wearables, headphones and laptops - can help get you one step closer to your degree and navigate both your coursework and social life with ease.

Supporting Teachers: 4 ways to help lighten the burden for educators

(Family Features) To help alleviate some of the burden, consider these ways parents, guardians and community members can contribute and support the efforts of educators.

Enjoy a Workday Reset

(Family Features) Taking a break from work and averting your eyes from the computer may help you mentally reset and increase efficiency throughout the day.

How restaurant employment has changed so far in 2023

When COVID struck, restaurants and bars were forced to curb operations. They've rallied, but Next Insurance finds they're still facing a tight labor market.  

Online college enrollment is on the rise: What brings students to virtual campuses?

Using data from the NCES and research from Education Dynamics, EDsmart explored why online college enrollment is on the rise.  

Generative AI: Boundless potential at our fingertips

(BPT) - Generative AI technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we work, learn, and solve problems. By democratizing access to powerful software, generative AI has humanized technology …
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'Ouch, my back!' 3 tips to reduce lower back pain for the hybrid worker

(BPT) - Do you experience regular back pain? You're not alone. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, more than 1 in 4 (26%) working adults experience low back …

Teaching personal finance in high school has immediate benefits: Students learn to save more and spend less

(BPT) - Studies show that financial literacy classes help students learn to save, and that over half of the students with financial literacy education spend less than their income. In fact, …

5 expert tips to achieve focus and attention that work for all ages

(BPT) - Your life is hectic. Your job and home to-do’s have you hustling, not to mention the school and extracurriculars that keep your family busy. This time of year is notorious for packed …

How the top barriers to upskilling American workers impact the workforce

(BPT) - Employers and workers see a world filled with uncertainty and change — from conversations about AI and automation replacing or helping certain job fields to questions around which …

Three reasons millennials should consider electing legal plans through their employer

(BPT) - Life is filled with moments, both big and small, when legal support can make a difference. Despite the widely held notion that legal representation is only useful for a “run-in” …