What Day Is It?


Does your life ever get so involved that you forget what day it is? At the outset of the pandemic, it was easy to lose track of the days. We couldn’t go anywhere or do anything - especially on a schedule - so one day blended with another.

Life has become a little more structured, especially with return to school and church and other benchmarks of the week. Yet, there are times one wonders: What day is it?

Here’s what this week has been designated:

October 18 - Toy Camera Day and Chocolate Cupcake Day

October 19 - Evaluate your Life Day

October 20 - International Sloth Day

International Chef Day

October 21 - Count Your Buttons Day

Today, October 22 - Cap Locks Day

October 23 - iPod Day and Snow Leopard Day

October 24 - Make a Difference Day

As we get closer to Halloween

October 26 - Howl at the Moon Day and Pumpkin Day

October 27 - Black Cat Day (Black Cat Awareness Month)

October 31 - Magic Day

The month of October has been designated:

• Breast Cancer Awareness Month

• Fire Prevention Month

• Pizza Month

• and a slew of other things. Who makes these designations anyway?

Count Your Buttons Day is of interest because the picture with this designation showed what I would consider to be the contents of a button box. My grandmothers and my mother had button boxes. I created my own button box, but not the way they did in the “old days.” Grandmothers and mothers cut the buttons off old shirts and saved them for future use, and used the old shirt for a rag. I purchased old buttons at a flea market to create my button box.

A button box was the best treasure to explore. There were tiny buttons and very large buttons; shiny buttons and pearl buttons and cloth covered buttons and metal buttons and buttons of every color. We would loop a string through the button holes of a large, flat button. Holding the string loop, one end in each hand with the button in the center, alternately pull/release the ends of the string to make it spin. Do you think kids today would appreciate the simplicity of such a toy? It’s kind of on a level with Cat’s Cradle, also played with a loop of string.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure. This week it was a bag of animal crackers: We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo - You can go too, too, too.....

Put a little whimsy in your life. Forget what day it is and relax with a nonsensical loop of string and a button. See if you can make it whirrr (just don’t get it close to your hair).


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