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E-Hawks Stomp Rebels in 27-0 Road Win

By Joseph Schany - | Sep 22, 2020

FIRST DOWN! -- Lane Auten gets the 16-yard first down with help from the stiff-arm against the Rebels Friday night. Though Auten had an explosive fourth quarter, penalties would force much of his positive yardage to be negated, including back to back runs of 67 yards. -- Joseph Schany photo

by Joseph Schany

Despite losing 142 yards to penalties, the Emmetsburg E-Hawks would completely shut down the Sioux Central Rebels in a 27-0 road win Friday night. Another stellar defensive performance, coupled with powerful blocking by the offensive front, moves the 6th-ranked E-Hawks (Associated Press – Class 1A) to 4-0 on the season, 2-0 in Class 1A District play.

The E-Hawks would take first possession of the ball and piece together solid runs from Cole Shirk, Grant Kibbie, and Colby Weir, driving the ball to midfield before a Ben Dunlap punt on 4th & 4 would pin the Rebels on their own 1-yard line.

Over the next few plays, Sioux Central would find minimal success on the ground, but a stout Emmetsburg defense would force a fumble at the 34-yard line with a tackle by Jordan Anderson.

Quarterback Ben Dunlap and the E-Hawk offense would take full advantage of the turnover, scoring on a pass to Weir for 33 yards and the touchdown. Cade Jacobson would split the uprights on the point after kick to give Emmetsburg the 7-0 lead at the 4:31 mark.

Closing out the first quarter and continuing into the second, the E-Hawks and Rebels would trade multiple possessions, each keeping the ball close to midfield. The black-and-gold would see positive yards on runs from Shirk and Weir, and a pass completion to Lex Kassel for six yards, but the drives would stall due in large part to penalties.

Midway through the second quarter, Emmetsburg would advance the ball to Sioux Central’s 29-yard line after numerous Shirk 10+ yard pick ups, including a 29-yard sprint, only to see a tripping and holding penalty force the offense back to midfield and a punt on 4th & 28.

Thanks to a strong defensive effort, the E-Hawks would contain the Rebels and take control of the ball with 41 seconds left in the half. On 1st & 10 from the Sioux Central 44-yard line, Dunlap would connect with Kassel for a 44-yard touchdown. Another Jacobson extra point would send Emmetsburg into halftime up 14-0.

After the break, a quick three and out by the Rebels would lead to another Emmetsburg touchdown. Beginning at midfield, Shirk, Weir, and Kibbie would drive the ball to the 1-yard line where Weir would score and Jacobson would pick up the extra point to give the E-Hawks 21.

Finishing out the third quarter, the Rebels would put together an offensive drive and march the ball from their own 40-yard line to inside the Emmetsburg 10-yard line. The E-Hawk defense would remain steadfast, however, and Sioux Central would come up short after a 4th & goal incomplete pass from the 4-yard line would force the turnover on downs.

After a penalty would start them on their own 1-yard line, the E-Hawks would only pick up a couple of yards on the next three plays. However, attempting a punt on 4th & 9 from the 5-yard line, the Rebels would be called for running into the kicker after the punt and Emmetsburg would get a reprieve. The E-Hawks would then orchestrate an almost seven minute fourth quarter march to the end zone, though the drive would be plagued by penalties. Lane Auten would earn multiple first down carries only to see them negated, including a 45-yard sprint on 1st & 18 followed by a 22-yard run on 1st & 21. On 3rd & 28 from the E-Hawk 30, a Rebel pass interference call would save Emmetsburg, allowing for two more big runs from Auten. On 2nd & 14 from the Rebel 32-yard line, Dunlap would hand the ball to Shirk who would break free for the touchdown run with 4:26 left in the game to make the score 27-0.

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