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Reliving The Glory Days Of Six-On-Six Basketball

By Staff | Mar 22, 2018

LADY?E-HAWK?REUNION - Former Lady E-Hawk Coaches Ted Riley and Doug Cottington were surrounded by alumnit players and the current members of the Emmetsburg High School Basketball Teams at last Friday’s Reunion event. Scrimmages of five-[;aeplayer and six-on-six were played before a very appreciative crowd, with over 40 former players returning to participate along with the current Lady E-Hawk Basketball team. -- Dan Voigt photLo

For a couple of hours last Friday night, the clock turned back to 1991 and a typical Friday night in the Emmetsburg High School gym. A dozen young women wore uniforms as they stood on the basketball court, six players on each side of the half-court line.

Six-on-Six was the game, and the Lady E-Hawks’ State Championship team of 1991 recreated some of those memories as they scrimmaged as part of the Lady E-Hawks Basketball reunion.

Over 40 past Lady E-Hawk players turned out to scrimmage in five-player and six-on-six action again and to fete former Head Coach Ted Riley and his Assistant, Doug Cottington.

Players returning to participate included Jennie Picray Brierly, Kristy Twait Gurning, Shelly Wentzel Vroegh, Jackie Simonson Fonley, Michelle Zimmerman Tunley, Julie Hand McDonough, Amber Faulstick Melby, Wendy Duhn, Shannon Murphy Adams, Bridget Larsen, Abby Goodlaxson, Missy Beschorner King, Amy Neary Olson, Andrea Schafer Nelson, Jamie Thompson Galve, Jana Huberty Nelson, Lynne Cottington Runchey, Autumn Frederick, Brittany Wil-liamson Follon, Stephanie Smith Hansen, Caitlyn Henricksen, Kelly Noonan Mills, Wendy Herbers Floss, Ashton Connelly, Alexa Naig and Jenna Chapman.

Also participating in the event were members of the current Emmetsburg Lady E-Hawks, including Maggie Jackson, Raven Brown, Lindsay Carter, Hailey Foxhoven, Gretchen Hofstad, Somer Hudson, Heidi Malm, Molly Schany, Mackenzie King, Abbie Schany, Taylor Stein Kamp and Baylee Lundgren.

DEJA?VU - The last time a six-on-six game was played in the Emmetsburg gym was in 1993. Time stood still for a while on Friday night as former Lady E-Hawk standouts from that era returned and dusted off their skills in scrimmages against other former Lady E-Hawk alumni -- Dan Voigt photo

Members of the 1991 State Championship Team that came back to re-create their game included Jenny Picray, Kristy Twait, Shannon Murphy, Bridget Larson, Jackie Simonsen, Shelly Wentzel, Wendy Duhn, Missy Beschorner, Amber Frederick and Julie Hand.

In a special presentation, a commemorative plaque made from a section of the old gym floor was presented to Ted Riley to commemorate his 344 wins and 188 losses as the Lady E-Hawks’ Head Coach.