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Titans, Wolverines Earn Post-Season Honors

By Staff | Aug 9, 2016

Members of the Titans of Graetinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire and the Wolverines of West Bend-Mallard/Gilmore City-Bradgate earned post-season honors at the conclusion of the 2016 softball and baseball seasons from the Twin Lakes Conference. The honors were awarded following balloting by the league coaches at the end of the Conference season.

For the Lady Wolverines of WBM/GCB, a trio of players received recognition on the Twin Lakes Second Team All Conference Squad. Taylor Fogarty, a junior, was selected as a pitcher, and teammate Elizabeth Gehrt, a Juinor, was selected as an infielder. Also earning Honorable Mention recognition for the Lady Wolverines was sophomore Mara Clark.

For the Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire Titan girls, two players earned All Conference Honors. Toni Alesch, a Freshman, was selected as a utility player on the Second Team All Conference, and teammate Madison Norris, a Sophomore, was accorded Honorable Mention recognition by the Twin Lakes Coaches.

The Girls’ All Conference Teams as as follows:


Olivia Larson, 9, Newell-Fonda, Pitcher

Abby Kraemer, 9, Alta-Aurelia, Pitcher

Lexie Berry, 12, East Sac County, Catcher

Jordan Wilken, 12, Newell-Fonda, Infielder

Erica Rittgers, 12, Southeast Valley, Infielder

Autumn Radig, 12, Pocahontas Area/LM, Infielder

Mackenzie Laven, 12, St. Mary’s, Infielder

Lily Peterson, 10, Alta-Aurelia, Outfielder

KEndal Herrig, 12, East Sac County, Outfielder

Darma Tripp, 11, Sioux Central, Outfielder

Abby Smith, 12, Newell-Fonda, Utility

Micah Barnes, 12, Alta-Aurelia, Utility

Natalie LAmbert, 12, Southeast Valley, Utility

Ashton Blum, 12, East Sac County, Utility


Payton Hjerleid, 11, Pocahontas Area/LM, Pitcher

Taylor Fogarty, 11, West Bend-Mallard/GCB, Pitcher

Faith Troshynski, 12, Manson NW?Webster, Catcher

Kate Christiansen, 11, Newell-Fonda, Infielder

Morgan Grosely, 11, East Sac County, Infielder

Elizabeth Gehrt, 11, West Bend-Mallard/GCB, Infielder

Nicole Scharn, 12, Sioux Central, Infielder

Morgan Morenz, 8, Newell-Fonda, Outfielder

DJ?Flores, 12, Alta-Aurelia, Outfielder

Madi Friedrichsen, 10, East Sac County, Outfielder

Morgan Castenson, 9, Southeast Valley, Utility

Kenzie Sullivan, 11, Pocahontas Area/LM, Utlity

Toni Alesch, 9, Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire, Utility

Camie Smith, 11, Sioux Central, Utlity


Sydney Kay, 12, Newell-Fonda

Morgan Jacobson, 11, Alta-Aurelia

Jaiden Ackerson, 11, Southeast Valley

Hannah Schmidt, 11, East Sac County

Rylee Eisenbarth, 9, Pocahontas Area/LM

Olivia Schaller, 10, St. Mary’s

Michelle Dolder, 12, Manson NW?Webster

Bri McGinty, 12, Manson NW Webster

Madison Norris, 10, Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire

Mara Clark, 10, West Bend-Mallard/GCB

Jill Fahnlander, 12, Sioux Central

Maddie Jones, 9, South Central Calhoun



Newell-Fonda 10-0 29-15

Alta-Aurelia 9-125-9

Southeast Valley 7-319-11

East Sac County 6-418-12

Pocahontas Area/Laurens-Marathon 5-518-9

Manson Northwest Webster 5-5 8-15

St. Mary’s 5-5 8-15

Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire 2-810-16

West Bend-Mallard/Gilmore City-Bradgate 2-810-17

Sioux Central 2-8 6-22

South Central Calhoun 2-8 2-19

Coach of the Year: Tim Gauley, Newell-Fonda

For the Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire Titans, a quartet of boys earned All Conference honors for the baseball season. Senior Michael Girres was named to the First Team as a catcher, while senior teammates Tyler Hoffman earned a Second Team berth as a pitcher and senior Taylor Enderson was named to the Second Team as an infielder. Also honored was sophomore Brady Rosacker as an Honorable Mention for the Titans.

For the Wolverines of WBM/GCB, a foursome of players rececived honors, starting with seniors Jack Banwart as a Second Team pitcher, along with senior Nolan Robert Dahlhauser as an infielder and senior Nolan Roger Dahlhauser as an outfielder. Senior Taylor Bennett received Honorable Mentioni recognition for the Wolverines.

The Boys’ All Conference Teams as as follows:


Kyler Steinborn, 10, South Central Calhoun, Pitcher

Jace Davidson, 9, Pocahontas Area/LM, Pitcher

Bryce Radke, 12, Alta-Aurelia, Pitcher

Jordan Wendel, 11, Alta-Aurelia, Catcher

Michael Girres, 12, GT/RA, Catcher

Derrick Henkenius, 12, South Central Calhoun, Infielder

Shea Ruffridge, 10, Pocahontas Area/LM, Infielder

Reed Kruse, 11, Newell-Fonda, Infielder

Dylan Baumhover, 11, East Sac County, Infielder

Conner Ludwig, 12, South Central Calhoun, Outfielder

Austin Gerdes, 10, Newell-Fonda, Outifleder

Eric Broich, 12, St,. Mary’s, Outfielder

Cyle King, 12, South Central Calhoun, Utility

Dylan Samuelson, 12, Manson NW?Webster, Utility


Matt?Lenz, 12, Pocahontas Area/LM, Pitcher

Tyler Hoffman, 12, GT/RA, Pitcher

Jack Banwart, 12, West Bend-Mallard/GCB, Pitcher

Cameron Wernimont, 12, East Sac County, Catcher

Franky Perkins, 11, Sioux Central, Catcher

Jacob Husman, 12, Alta-Aurelia, Infielder

Taylor Enderson, 12, GT/RA, Infielder

Nolan Robert Dahlhauser, 12, WBM/GCB, Infielder

Dakota Jaeschke, 11, Southeast Valley, Infielder

Tyler O’Tool, 11, South Central Calhoun, Outfielder

Nate Pedersen, 10, Newell-Fonda, Outiflelder

Nolan Roger Dahlhauser, 12, WBM/GCB, Outfielder

Partker Meier, 12, Alta-Aurelia, Utility

Mac Prior, 11, Sioux Central, Utility


Nick Robinson, 12, South Central Calhoun

Braden Ehn, 10, Pocahontas Area/Laurens-Marathon

Ryan Radke, 11, Alta-Aurelia

Brady Rosacker, 10, GT/RA

Taylor Bennett, 12, West Bend-Mallard/GCB

Cameron Anderson, 12, Southeast Valley

Derek Ringgenbert, 12, East Sac County

Kal Swanson, 12, Sioux Central

Michael Demers, 11, St. Mary’s

Brian Pearson, 9, Manson Northwest Webster



South Central Calhoun 9-119-12

Pocahontas Area/Laurens-Marathon 7-320-8

Alta-Aurelia 6-420-7

Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire 6-411-10

Newell-Fonda 6-412-15

West Bend-Mallard/Gilmore City-Bradgate 5-5 12-14

Southeast Valley 4-617-14

East Sac County4-614-14

Sioux Central4-612-18

St. Mary’s 2-8 3-18

Manson Northwest Webster2-8 2-20

Coach of the Year: Nate Lamphier, South Central Calhoun