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Middle Schoolers To Compete At Mike Henderson Relays This Saturday

By Staff | May 5, 2016

NICE?HANDOFF! - Morgan Jamison hands the baton to teammate Cheyanne Fries during a relay at Monday’s Middle School track meet in Emmetsburg. The duo will be among participants competing this Saturday at the Mike Henderson Relays in Waukee. -- Dan Voigt photo

Emmetsburg’s Middle School girls track team will travel to Waukee this Saturday to compete in the Mike Henderson Relays, the annual State Track and Field meet for Middle School athletes. The Middle School girls are coached by Sue Strube.

Once again, the Middle Schoolers will take a large contingent to Waukee for the competition. Eighth grade events competing will include the 4×800 relay of Issy Householder, Gabrielle Janssen, Mikayla Frerichs and Taylor Steinkamp. The Shuttle Hurdle relay will feature Hailey Foxhoven, April Cole, Macy McAllister and Lindsey Carter.

Nicolette Boblit and Jamie Bird will run in the 100 meter dash, while Abby Schany, Cheyanne Fries , Heidi Malm and Raven Brown will run the 1600 meter Medley relay. In the 400 mete dash, Molly Schany and Abby Berkland will compete.

There will be two 4×200 relays; the first with Hailey Foxhoven, Taylor Steinkamp, Mackenzie King and Abby Schany and the second with Heidi Malm, Cheyanne Fries, Baylee Lundgren and Morgan Jamison. The 1500 meter run will feature Gabrielle Janssen and Mikayla Frerichs, while the 10 flight hurdles will feature Lindsay Carter and April Cole.

In the 200 meter dash, Abby Berkland and Logan White will compete, while Lindsay Carter, Morgan Jamison, Raven Brown and Macy McAllister will run the 800 medley relay. Hailey Foxhoven will run the 200 meter hurdles and Heidi Malm and Mikayla Frerichs will run in the 800 meter run.

TRIPPED?UP - Lindsay Carter got tripped up on the final hurdle in the 100 meter hurdles Monday afternoon at the Emmetsburg Middle School track meet. Carter will compete in the 10 Flight hurdles at the Mike Henderon Relays at Waukee this Saturday for the Middle School E-Hawk team. -- Dan Voigt photo

There will be two 4×100 relays, with Nicolette Boblit, Morgan Jamison, Jessica Walker and Raylene Poeppe running in the first relay and Jamie Bird, April Cole, Logan White and Abby Berkland running in the second relay.

The 4×400 will feature Abby Schany, Raven Brown, Makenzie King and Taylor Steinkamp, while Anna Brennan and Cheyanne Fries will compete in the shot put. Cheyanne Fries and Molly Schany will throw the discus, while Raven Brown and Molly Schany will compete in the long jump and Mikayla Frerichs will compete in the high jump.

Seventh grade entries will include Allison Fischer, Jessica Walker, Maggie nelson and Raylene Poeppe in the 4×800 relay, along with Delaney Joyce, Allison Fischer, Jenna Joyce and Brie Madden in the Shuttle Hurdle Relay.

Maggie Nelson and Jenna Joyce will run the 100 meter dash and Izzy Householder will run the 1500 meter dash.

Brie Madden and Macy McAllister will compete in the 10 flight hurdles, while Mackenzie King will run in the 200 meter dash. The 800 meter Medley relay will feature Jessica Walker, Raylene Poeppe, Brie Madden and Baylee Lundgren, while Delaney Joyce will run the 200 meter hurdles.

In the 800 meter run, Izzy Householder and Allison Fischer will compete, while Delaney Joyce, Jenna Joyce, Maggie Nelson and Baylee Lundgren will comprise the 4×100 meter relay.

Abby Schany and Kady Traub will compete in the shot put and Kady Traub and Kristen Davis will throw the discus. Baylee Lundgren and Taylor Steinkamp will both compete in the long jump to round out the Emmetsburg entries in the event.