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Area Residents Participating In Special Olympics Competitions

By Staff | Apr 5, 2016

Several area residents have competed or will be competing in events that are part of the 2016 Iowa Special Olympics. As part of the Estherville North Stars Team, the area competitors have competed in power lifting, 3-on-3 basketball, cheerleading and swimming, while track and field events will take place this week.

During the Mid Winter State Tournament March 11-12, held at Iowa City, the team of Josh Karns, Ryan Williams, Gustavo Romero and Terry Manwarren competed in the 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

Also competing at Iowa City in Powerlifting were Mark Torres, Chelsey Moffitt and Alex Torres.

Kelsey Shirk also competed in the Mid-Winter tournament in cheerleading.

On March 15, the North Iowa Area Aquatics competition was conducted at the Bedell Family YMCA?in Spirit Lake.

Area residents competing in aquatics included Chelsey Moffitt in the 50-yard backstroke and 50-yard freestyle events, along with Mark Torres in the 100-yard and 200-yard freestyle events.

Ryan Williams swam in the 25-yard and 100-yard freestyle events, while Kelsey Shirk swam in the 25-yard freestyle and 25-yard backstroke.

Alex Torres swam in the 25-yard backstroke and 50-yard freestyle events and Terry Manwarren competed in the 50-yard backstroke and 200-yard backstroke.

Also competing was the 100-yard relay team of Mark Torres, Ryan Williams, Alex Torres and Terry Manwarren.

The North Iowa Area Spring Games will take place this Thursday, April 7 at Spirit Lake High School at 10 a.m.

Jake Howard will be competing in the 100-meter walk and Standing Long Jump, while Gustavo Romero will compete in the 800 yard and 1600 yard running events.

Josh Karns will compete in the 100-yard dash and the Running Long Jump, while Jess Howard will compete in the Softball Throw and the Shot Put events.

Serving as coaches for the North Stars team members are Paul Moffitt, Shirely Moffitt, Steve Williams, John VanDenHemel, Jacob Bushmann, Diane Williams and Rhonda VanDenHemel.

The Summer edition of the State Special Olympic Games will be held in Ames on May 19-21.