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E-Hawk Wrestlers Stay Active In Summer Camps

By Staff | Jul 16, 2015

ALGONA?TEAM?CAMP - Several members of the Emmetsburg E-Hawk wrestling Team attended the Algona Bulldog Brawl recently, wrestling five times and earning a record of 3-2 on the day as a team, and earning a 28-24 record individually. -- Submitted photo

Even though the wrestling season doesn’t officially start until later this year, members of the Emmetsburg Little E-Hawk Wrestling Club and the Emmetsburg E-Hawk Wrestling teams have kept busy on the mats over the summer months.

Members of the Emmetsburg E-Hawk wrestling team attended the second annual Algona Bulldog Team Camp recently. The E-Hawks were one of 10 teams invited to wrestle in a Dual format at the Bulldog Brawl.

Emmetsburg’s E-Hawks would wrestle a total of four times in their pool and then wrestled once against an opponent from the other pool. At the conclusion of the day, Emmetsburg finished with a record of three wins against two losses in the duals. Emmetsburg would bring a total of 14 wrestlers on the trip and went a combined 28-24.

“We have some younger guys that won’t back down, and that attitude is contagious to the rest of the team,” noted Emmetsburg Head Coach Jared Pickett, “I started to see our upper classmen taking leadership roles. I’ve never seen an individual have success without the help of someone else.”

Emmetsburg sent a large group of youth wrestlers to Pocahontas’s four-day wrestling camp, Pocahontas Camp of Champs. In all, 14 students went to see technique from Kyven Gadson, Nick Mitchell, Clayton Rush, and the Pocahontas Coaching Staff.

POCAHONTAS CAMP -The Pocahontas Wrestling Camp offered sessions for high school and middle school wrestlers, as well as elementary wrestlers over four days. These E-Hawk wrestlers attended the Middle School/High School camp sessions. -- submitted photo

The camp was split up in two sessions: High School/Middle School in the morning and Youth in the afternoon.

Kyven Gadson of Iowa State,, who intends to compete for an Olympic spot for the 2016 Games in Rio, was the first clinician. Kyven spent a lot of time working from a 2-on-1 series and eventually had kids working on the “Gadson”. Kyven’s patent pending move was used last year in the NCAA Finals to earn Kyven his first National Championship.

Clayton Rush, a Coe standout and now Alburnett Head Coach, showed a variety of technique. Coach Rush focused on the front headlock position and stressed the importance keeping the elbows high.

Nick Mitchell, Head Wrestling coach for the Four-time National Champion Grandview Vikings, showed a variety of tilts and other important fundamental positions to the campers.

POCAHONTAS?YOUTH?CAMP - These nine Little E-Hawk Wrestling Club members attended the Pocahontas Youth Camp and learned technique from Iowa State University wrestler Kyven Gadson. -- submitted photo