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Lady E-Hawks Fall To Midgets

By Staff | Sep 27, 2012

Emmetsburg’s Lady E-Hawks battled the Midgets of Estherville Lincoln Central down to the wire Tuesday night but came up short in a 3-1 decision. Game scores were 16-25, 17-25, 27-25 and 15-25.

Ashton Connelly had a good night serving as she completed 14 of 14 serving attempts and collected two aces, as well as making 17 of 17 hits with four kills to her credit. Connelly also added three assisted blocks and dug out three shots.

Whitney Kibbie added 10 of 12 service completions with two aces and made 18 of 19 hits with three kills and assisted on two blocks while digging out six shots and handing out four assists.

Alexa Naig made 10 of 11 serves with one ace and connected on 15 of 17 hits with four kills while digging out five shots and handing out five assists to her teammates.

Miranda Vlasman made 10 of 10 serves with an ace and added 26 of 27 hits with five kills,while digging out five shots and making two assists.

Jacque Carlson completed nine of 12 serves with three aces and four of seven hits with three digs.

Britni Will would come away with 10 of 11 serves and three aces and dug out nine shots while splitting libero duty with Michaela Rehm, who made six of six serves with an ace and dug out seven shots. Devyn White added an assisted block on the night.

As a team, Emmetsburg made 69 of 76 serves with 13 aces, along with 76 of 89 hits with 16 kills. The Lady E-Hawks had six assisted blocks, dug out 48 shots in the match and made 11 assists.

Emmetsburg will continue action this coming Saturday, Sept. 29, when they travel to Estherville to play in the ELC?Invitational.