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Lady E-Hawks Fall In League Opener

By Staff | Sep 20, 2011

CHEROKEE Emmetsburg’s Lady E-Hawks were shut out in their Lakes Conference volleyball opener last Tuesday evening in Cherokee. The Lady E-Hawks fell by game scores of 21-25, 12-25 and 14-25.

Jayme Penrod would lead the Lady E-Hawks at the serving line with 11 of 12 serves and an ace in the match, while Whitney Kirbie would add 10 of 10 serves to the tally. Britni Will made six of seven serves, while Paige Naig added six of six serves. Shelby Brinkley made four of fours serves in the match, while Rachel Schroeder made three of five serves and collected an ace. Ashley Morris rounded out the serving with three of four service completions.

Paige Naig would complete 12 of 16 hits on the night and had four kills, while Jacques Carlson added seven of nine hits with a kill and Whitney Kirbie made six of nine hits with one kill. Tegan Olson came up with five of five hits, awhile Miranda Vladimar added two of five hits with a kill and Rachel Schroeder made one hit.

Jayme Penrod would dig out 12 shots on the night, while Whitney Kirbie and Shelby Brinkley both dug out three shots each. Rachel Schroeder and Tegan Olson both made two digs, while Britni Will, Paige Naig and Miranda Vladimar all had one dig each. Paige Naig and Tegan Olson both made an assisted block, while Whitney Kirbie handed out four set assists and Shelby Brinkley dished out three assists.

Emmetsburg returns to action tonight (Tuesday) with a match at Spirit Lake before returning home on Thursday to host Lemars, and then an appearance on Saturday, Sept. 23, in the Humboldt Invitational Tournament.