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Bench Press Classic Welcomes New Lifters

By Staff | Mar 31, 2011

Despite a somewhat smaller turnout of participants, several new lifters tested their skills at the 2011 Northwest Iowa Bench Press Classic this past Saturday. The event was held at the Smith Wellness Center at Iowa Lakes Community College.

A?total of 13 men and two women took part in the event, which is organized by Denny Goeders.

Larry Ackerman served as head judge, assisted by Todd Suhr and Phil Heath. Spotters were Dan Chism and Andrew Fischer, with Ben McCain and Jeremy Joynt serving as loaders.

Steve Farnsworth verified the weights while Todd Ditch handled the statistics and accounting and Dennis Goeders served as the announcer for the event.

Each competitor’s competition weight class and best lift, is as follows:


Kendra Johnson, Algona

148 lb. Submaster105#

Laurie Sorrell, Spencer

148 lb. Master III110#


Scottie Yates, Emmetsburg

275 lb. Teen I135#

Roman Fahnlander, Royal

220 lb. Teen II205#

Collin Thatcher, West Bend

165 lb. Teen II225#

Tanner Bruellman, Whittemore

198 lb. Teen II280#

Louis Olmstead, Sioux City

198 lb. Novice II255#

Rocky Olmstead, Whittemore

165 lb. Submaster225#

Eric Harvey, Royal

165 lb. Teen II255#

Steve Landhuis, Sheldon

198 lb. Novice I270#

Justin Mains, Algona

220 lb. Novice I255#

Chuck Rahn, Whittemore

198 lb. Novice I305#

Jim Schon, Glidden

198 lb. Master II (attempted)285#

Charles Braman, Algona

242 lb. Submaster350#

Lino Vera, Emmetsburg

220 lb. Submaster385#