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Area Athletes Earn Post Season Roundball Honors

By Staff | Mar 8, 2011

The conclusion of the 2010-2011 basketball seasons has brought post-season honors to several Palo Alto County athletes for their performances on the hard wood this season. The Cornbelt Conference recently released its’ All Conference Girls and Boys honor teams for the season, with several athletes from West Bend-Mallard, Ruthven-Ayrshire and Graettinger/Terril all earning post-season honors from the league’s coaches.

Cornbelt Conference

Girls All Conference


Amber Goraczkowski, SR, North Sentral Kossuth

Sadie Forey, SR, Ruthven-Ayrshire

Emily Mathews, FR, Ventura

Paige Heesch, SR, Woden-Crysta Lake-Titonka

Anna Brandt, SR, Harris-Lake Park

Brooke Bennett, SR, Twin River Valley

Brandee McMahon, SR, Twin River Valley

Jessica Fehr, SR, West Bend-Mallard

Kelsey Gerhart, JR, North Sentral Kossuth

Sam Thilges, SR, Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka


Emily Jobst, SO, Clay Central-Everly

Genna Valvick, SR, North Sentral Kossuth

Kayla Banwart, SO, West Bend-Mallard

Sarah Berte, JR, Twin River Valley

Collete Haag, SO, North Sentral Kossuth

Amanda Heesch, SR, Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka

Hannah Vavrik, SR, Ventura

Lydia Brandt, SO, Harris-Lake Park

Maggie Ludwig, JR, Corwith-Wesley-LuVerne

Harley Lindell, JR, Armstrong-Ringsted

Hailley Nelson, JR, Graettinger/Terril

Honorable Mention

Hannah Kofron, SR, Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka

Tori Johnson, JR, North Sentral Kossuth

Taylor Fahnlander, SO, Clay Central-Everly

Cassy Humble, SR, Twin River Valley

Jasmine Clausen, SO, Armstrong-Ringsted

Tiffany Harris, JR, Graettinger/Terril

Coach of the Year

Matt Erpelding, Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka

Cornbelt Conference

Boys All Conference


Spencer Clausen, SR, Armstrong-Ringsted

Travis Hantleman, SR, Armstrong-Ringsted

Eli Ihnen, SO, Harris-Lake Park

Brady Nissen, JR, Harris-Lake Park

Caleb Mackey, SR, Clay Central-Everly

Beau Craig, SR, Graettinger/Terril

Cal Huber, SR, Ventura

Eric Spear, SR, Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka

Chris Schmidt, JR, West Bend-Mallard

Colton Bakken, Sr, Ruthven-Ayrshire


Colen Hanley, SR, Ventura

Mitchell Shipman, SR, Corwith-Wesley-LuVeren

Jason Zinnel, FR, West Bend-Mallard

Jake Meinders, SR, Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka

Mychal Sheridan, SR, Harris-Lake Park

Nick Roghair, SR, Clay Central-Everly

Mitch Girres, JR, Graettinger/Terril

Brett Thackery, JR, Armstrong-Ringsted

Travis Larson, JR, North Sentral Kossuth

Jared callison, SR, Ventura

Jordan Buhs, FR, Twin River Valley

Trevin Enderson, SR, Ruthven-Ayrshire

Honorable Mention

Tommy Schutter, SR, Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka

Ben Berberich, SR, Clay Central-Everly

Jason Carrol, SR, Corwith-Wesley-LuVerne

Kade Heikens, SO, Harris-Lake Park

Colin Leiting, JR, Graettinger/Terril

Taylor Foley, SR, West Bend-Mallard

Coach of the Year

Jeff Sohn, Harris-Lake Park

Final Conference Standings

Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka10-0

North Sentral Kossuth 9-1

Twin River Valley 8-2

West Bend-Mallard 6-4

Ventura 6-4

Harris-Lake Park 5-5

Clay Central-Everly 4-6

Ruthven-Ayrshire 3-7

Armstrong-Ringsted 2-8

Corwith-Wesley-LuVerne 1-9

Graettinger/Terril 1-9

Final Conference Standings

Harris-Lake Park 9-1

Armstrong-Ringsted 8-2

Clay Central-Everly 8-2

Ventura 7-3

West Bend-Mallard 6-4

Graettinger/Terril 5-5

Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka 4-6

Ruthven-Ayrshire 4-6

Corwith-Wesley-LuVerne 3-7

Twin River Valley 1-9

North Sentral Kossuth0-10