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E-Hawk Booster Club Assisting Athletic Programs

By Staff | Dec 30, 2010

Emmetsburg basketball players Aly Berven, left, and Hadley Egland work with “The Gun” rebounding system under the guidance of Lady E-Hawk Head Coach John Kennedy. The machine allows players a rebounding aid to help them develop their shooting technique and was purchased through a joint effort by the Emmetsburg Athletic Department, Youth Basketball program and the E-Hawk Athletic Booster Club. -- Dan Voigt photo

Student athletes in the Emmetsburg Schools are benefitting from the support of E-Hawk fans and the hard work of the E-Hawk Athletic Booster Club. Through the annual membership drives and fundraising activities such as the sale of E-Hawk apparel, the Booster Club has been able to assist with funding to purchase items and equipment to compliment the various athletic programs in the local district.

One such item the Booster Club assisted with was the purchase of an apparatus known as “The Gun”, a basketball rebounding machine.

The “Gun is set up under a basketball hoop, and players simply shoot the ball. The ball feeds into the machine, which can be programmed to “throw” the ball back to the shooter at various points around the lane to allow the shooter to experience getting a “feed” from a teammate for a shooting opportunity.

A microcomputer in the “Gun” can adjust the speed of which the balls are thrown back to the plyers, where on the court they are thrown to, and also keeps track of how many shots are made and how many actually hit the mark.

The “Gun”?was purchased jointly by the Booster Club, as well as the Youth Basketball Program through proceeds raised through its youth tournaments, along with the Athletic Department.

A similar project has just been completed for the softball and baseball programs with the acquisition of an indoor batting cage, which was recently acquired through Booster Club funding assistance.