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Squirrel Season Underway

By Staff | Nov 18, 2010

DES?MOINES – Iowa squirrel numbers are hard to estimate because the Department of Natural Resources does not survey the squirrel population, but statewide numbers should be similar to slightly better than last year, according to Todd Gosselink, Iowa’s forest wildlife biologist.

This year is shaping up to be an average hard mast production year, so there should be plenty of food for squirrels. “This past winter was undoubtedly a difficult year for squirrels with heavy and persistent snowfall, but squirrel populations can recover quickly with high reproduction rates,” said Gosselink.

Squirrels should be at good numbers for this year’s fall hunting season.

Hunting opportunities for squirrels are excellent in Iowa because hunting pressure is low. Last fall, an estimated 24,586 squirrel hunters harvested 169,041 squirrels in Iowa.

The squirrel season extends through January 31, 2011, the daily bag limit is six (fox and gray squirrels combined) and the possession limit is 12. There is no restriction on shooting hours.