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Ruthven-Ayrshire Falls At HLP

By Staff | Oct 14, 2010

RUTHVEN – The Raiders of Ruthven-Ayrshire fell to Harris-Lake Park Tuesday night at Lake Park by a 0-3 match score. Game scores were 10-25, 21-25 and 14-25.

Alesha Sikora would make 11 of 11 serves with two aces, while Caitlyn Reed made six of seven and Kayla Dyer added six of six with an ace and Sadie Forey added five of seven serves with an ace.

At the net, Sadie Forey made 20 of 26 hits with six kills, while Kayla Dyer added 10 of 13 hits and five kills. Kendra Feldman would add seven of 10 hits with three kills.

Alesha Sikora handed out 12 assists on the night, while Kayla Dyer made seven digs and Caitlyn Reed dug out six balls. Miranda McGrauth had four digs while Geena Blake added three. Alesha Sikora, Sadie Forey, Emily Moran and Marley Bakken all had two digs in the match.