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Lady E-Hawks Blanked

By Staff | Oct 12, 2010

HULL?- Emmetsburg’s Lady E-Hawks played hard in a 3-0 loss to Western Christian in volleyball action Thursday night, Oct. 7. Game scores in the match were 12-25, 5-23 and 14-25.

For Emmetsburg, Paige Naig would managed 13 of 15 hits against the Wolfpack with three kills, while added three of four serves, a solo block and an assisted block and a dig on the night. Miranda Vlasman added seven of eight hits at the net with two kills to t he effort, while Morgan Vlasman came away with three of four hits and two kills.

Nicole Leuer added two of hit hitss with two of two service completions and made two digs. Whitney Kibbie came off the bench to add two of four hits and three of three service completions, along with two assisted blcoks and four digs.

Kaity Degen had three of three hits and made four of four serves in the match while digging out five shots. Chelsey Rouse made one hit and had a dig, while Nikki Schany added three of three serves to the effort.

Hannah Drost would connect on seven of eight serves with an ace for the Lady E-Hawks, and made one hit for a kill, while assisting on one dig and issuing five assistst to her teammates. Halie Cody added one of two serves and dug out a shot while issuing two assistss on the night. Molli Schmeling added four of four serves and a pair of digs, while Hillary Pico made three of three serves and dug out four shots.

Emmetsburg will travel to Cherokee tonight (Tuesday) for their final Lakes Conference match in a schedule change from Thursday’s original play date.