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Ruthven-Ayrshire Netters Down CWL

By Staff | Sep 30, 2010

RUTHVEN – The Ruthven-Ayrshire Raiders started their Homecoming week out on a positive note with a 3-0 win over Corwith-Wesley-LuVerne Monday night. Game scores of the match were 25-17, 25-18 and 25-14.

“This was a great way to start Homecoming week here at Ruthven-Ayrshire,” noted Head Coach Kim Sierck. “The girls really played a well-balanced match, and those who came off the bench really took care of what we needed them to do on the court.”

Marley Bakken had a strong night serving, as she completed 16 of 17 serves with seven aces. Caitlyn Reed made 14 of 16 serves with three aces, while Sadie Forey added nine of 12 service completions and tallied six aces. Kayla Dyer made seven of 10 serves with an ace, while Alesha Sikora added eight of nine serves with an ace and Geena Blake rounded out the effort with seven of eight completed serves.

As a team, the Raiders made 61 of 72 serving attempts and scored 18 aces, 85 percent accuracy.

At the net, Sadie Forey would connect on 14 of 16 hits and collect 10 kills, with Caitlyn Reed adding 13 of 17 hits with seven kills to the coffers. Kayla Dyer made 10 of 13 hits with five kills, while Alesha Sikora had seven of nine hits and a kill. Kendra Feldman added seven of eight hits and five kills and Miranda McGrauth made two of four hits to give Ruthven-Ayrshire a total of 53 out of 67 attempts with 28 kills, 79 percent hitting.

Alesha Sikora would issue 22 assists to her teammates in the match, while Miranda McGrauth had two helpers and Sadie Forey added one.

Sadie Forey would dig out nine shots on the night, while Caitlyn Reed made five digs. Alesha Sikora and Geena Blake both dug out four shots each, with Miranda McGrauth making three digs. Kayla Dyer, Emily Moran and Marly Bakken all added a pair of digs each to the effort.

“Marly Bakken gave us nine straight points at the serving line in game three, and it really sparked the girls to play defensively and to attack the ball like we need to do,” Coach Sierck noted. “Miranda McGrauth did a nice job defensively as well. She got to a couple of balls that really kept the rallies going in our favor.”

Sierck was also pleased with the overall play of her squad. “We were pretty balanced offensively, which I really like to see. It means Alesha is doing a nice job of mixing her sets up and getting everyone involved in that front row.”

With the regular season coming to a head, the post season is just around the corner, and Sierck hopes her team is on the right course to finish the season strong.

“This win evens our varsity record at 5-5, and we’ve got a busy couple of weeks ahead, so I hope this is the momentum we need to keep on the winning track.”