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E-Hawks Run At Humboldt

By Staff | Sep 28, 2010

HUMBOLDT – Emmetsburg’s Cross Country teams competed in the Humboldt Invitational on Monday, Sept. 20 and turned in respectable times.

For the Lady E-Hawks, Taylor Reimer ran a 19:50.83 while Hadley Egland ran a 20:30.12. Rachel Ruddy ran a 21.29.71 and Kristi Wurzer finished with a 21:34.28. Veronika Schoener ran a 21:47.03 and Madison Reimer ran a 23:31.00.

The E-Hawks got a 19>01.74 from Zach Overberg and a 19:17.54 from Allen Dunnick. Chad Loomis ran a 20:25.91 and Austin Dunnick ran a 21:25.40 and Max Jones turne in a 22:08.76.

In the Middle School division, Olivia Smith ran a 15:00.42 ande Caroline Fantz ran a 15:37.37. Shiinaz Kendi finished with a 20:55.65 effort and Jourdaisha Dunnick would finish with a time of 23:04.94 for the Middle School runners.