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Raiders Fall To CC-E

By Staff | Sep 23, 2010

RUTHVEN – The Raiders of Ruthven-Ayrshire saw their volleyball winning streak take a stumble last Thursday with a 0-3 loss to Clay Central-Everly. Ruthven-Ayrshire fell in straight sets by scores of 18-25, 17-25 and 14-25.

Sadie Forey led the serving with eight of 10 serves and three aces, while Caitlyn Reed and Geena Blake both made seven of eight serves on the night. Alesha Sikora and Emily Moran both made six of seven serves, while Kayla Dyer added three of three serves. Miranda McGrauth completed one of three, while Marly Bakken added one of one serves as the Raiders completed 39 of 48 attempts with just three ace serves.

At the net, the Raiders got 11 of 18 hits with one kill form Kayla Dyer, while Sadie Forey added 10 of 17 hits. Miranda McGrauth made seven of 10 hit attempts, while Kendra Feldman added seven of eight attempts with a pair of kills. Alesha Sikora connected on six of six hits and Caitlyn Reed added three of five with two kills.

As a team, Ruthven-Ayrshire made 44 of 59 hitting attempts with five kills.

Alesha Sikora would dish out two assists on the night, while Kendra Feldman had one block and Alesha Sikora dug out five shots. Sadie Forey made four digs, while Miranda McGrauth had three digs to her credit and Geena Blake, Emily Moran and Caitlyn Reed all dug out one shot each.

“Our major difficulty on Thursday was serve reception,”?noted Ruthven-Ayrshire Head Coach Kim Sierck. “We struggled getting the passes to target, and that completely takes away any offense and momentum that  team can gain from big swings at the net.”

Sierck continued, “We did make som changes to the lineup, and that could have been part of it, but getting the girls to have confidence in their abilities right now seems to be our biggest barrier.”