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Raiders Fall In Hard-Fought Match

By Staff | Sep 16, 2010

RUTHVEN – Ruthven-Ayrshire Raiders lost a hard-fought match to Woden-Crystal Lake/Titonka by a 3-2 margin Tuesday night. Game scores of the match were 25-20, 16-25, 20-25, 25-18 and 11-15.

“This was a hard fought match, and I firmly believe that our serving cost us the match,” noted RA Head Coach Kim Sierck. “The consistency wasn’t there behind the serving line, and WCLT was able to capitalize on that.”

For Ruthven-Ayrshire, Caitlyn Reed connected on 26 of 30 serving attempts and earned seven aces, while Alesha Sikora made 13 of 15 serves with three aces. Sadie Forey added 12 of 17 serves with three aces and Geena Blake added 12 of 14 serves with an ace. Miranda McGrauth came away with eight of 10 serves and one ace. and Kayla Dyer added nine of 13 serves with an ace.

As a team, the Raiders made 80 of 99 serves with 16 aces on the night.

At the net, Sadie Forey made 18 of 24 hits with six kills and Caitlyn Reed added nine of 11 hits with five kills. Miranda McGrauth added eight of eight hits, while Kendra Feldman had four of six hits with a kill. Kayla Dyer made four of five hits and Alesha Sikora added four of four hits with one kill.

As a team, RA connected on 47 of 58 hits and earned 13 kills.

Alesha Sikora would dish out 13 assists to her teammates in the match, while Sadie Forey and Kendra Feldman both had one block each,

Defensively, Caitlyn Reed dug out 10 shots in the match along with Sadie Forey, while Geena Blake dug out eight. Alesha Sikora and Kayla Dyer both had six digs and Miranda McGrauth added three digs to the effort.

“I’m proud of the girls for sticking it out after we lost the second and third sets,” Sierck said. “ We were able to dig in and win that fourth set to tie things up, and that takes some mental toughness.”

The Raiders will have to regroup after the tough loss, as they will host their own invitational tournament this Saturday, starting at 9 a.m.

“We have a lot of season ahead of us, and I think with some hard work-namely at the serving line and boosting our confidence in serve reception we’ll get headed in the right direction,” Sierck concluded.