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Raider Netters Earn Victory

By Staff | Sep 9, 2010

RUTHVEN – The Ruthven-Ayrshire volleyball team picked up a 3-0 match win over Armstrong-Ringsted Tuesday night. Game scores were 26-24, 25-12 and 25-19.

Alesha Sikora had a strong night serving, making 20 of 21 with two aces, while Geena Blake added 15 of 16 serves with two aces. Caitlyn Reed made 14 of 16 serves with four aces, while Sadie Forey added eight of 10 serves with two aces and Kayla Dyer made seven of seven serves with two aces. Miranda McGrauth added two of three serves to the teams’s total of 66 of 73 completions with 12 aces.

At the net, Sadie ?Forey was a force with 25 of 30 hits and 10 kills, while Alesha Sikora added eight of 10 hits with a kill. Caitlyn Reed made eight of nine hits with a kill, while Kendra Feldman had six of seven hits with four kills and Miranda McGrauth added six of seven digs with one kill. Kayla Dyer rounded out the effort with two of four hits and two kills to round out the 53 of 67 hits and 19 kills for the team.

Alesha Sikora handed out 10 assists, while Kayla Dyer and Kendra Feldman both added one assist. Geena Blake made six digs, while Miranda McGrauth added four digs, as did Alesha Sikora and Sadie Forey. Caitlyn Reed and Kayla Dyer both added two digs and Sadie Forey blocked one shot.

“The girls played really well as a team,” noted Head Coach Kim Sierck. “In every state category, there are contributions from everyone and that’s what I?like to see. That balance needs to be there.”

Sierck continued, “I’m really proud of the girls an their teamwork and I hope that we can continue to build on that from this point onward this season. Defensively, I’d like to see better coverage and more movement, but hopefully that will come from time and experience.”