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Hunters Enjoy Success Locally

By Staff | Aug 17, 2010

Palo Alto County is blessed, or cursed, as opinion may run, with a healthy population of white-tailed deer. Each year, deer hunting provides not only local resident, but many visitors to the area with an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources recently released final totals for the 2009 deer season harvest statewide, as well by counties. For Palo Alto County, a total of 365 deer were harvested by hunters during the various deer seasons; bow, youth, black powder and shotgun.

In the 2009 harvest, a total of 131 does were harvested in Palo Alto?County, along with 204 antlered bucks. An additional 26 button bucks were harvested in the county, along with four bucks that had shed their antlers for the 365 total harvest.

On a statewide basis, a grand total of 136,504 deer were harvested in the 2009 seasons.

Statewide, 71,273 does were harvested, along with 47,377 antlered bucks. An additional 15,619 button bucks were harvested along with 2,235 bucks that had shed antlers.

As a sidelight, Iowa’s two turkey seasons also attract hunters locally, although not in as great numbers as for the deer harvest.

In the Fall 2009 Turkey season, just one bird was taken in the county, while 912 were harvested statewide. During the Spring 2010 turkey season, 14 birds were harvested in Palo Alto County, while a total of 10,889 turkeys were harvested during the spring season in the state.