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E’Hawk Basketball Tournament Saturday

By Staff | Feb 18, 2010

Emmetsburg will be awash in basketball this Saturday as the E’Hawk Basketball Tournament will be played in the Emmetsburg High School and Middle School gymnasiums.

The tournament will be operated under standard youth tournament formats, with games consisting of 7:00 quarters and 3:00 half time breaks. Overtimes will be one minute, and the second overtime will be a sudden-death format, with the first team to score winning.

There will be no full-court press, no zone defenses. All shooting fouls will have two free throws and teams will shoot two free throws after 10 team fouls per half.

No three point goals will be used.

Medals will be awarded to the first and second place teams (10 medals per team).

Teams will be guaranteed three games, with a tie-breaker of head-to-head competition/total points scored.

Teams are asked to play their athletes at the proper grade level,, or up one level.

Concessions will be open through the day as no outside food or drink will be allowed.

The tournament is being operated under the auspices of the Emmetsburg Recreation Department.