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Area Netters Earn All Conference Honors

By Staff | Nov 17, 2009

The conclusion of the state volleyball tournament brings about the announcement of All Conference honors for many area volleyball players.

A total five players from West Bend-Mallard received All Conference honors in the Cornbelt Conference for their play this season. GraettingerTerril had three players earn elite honors in the Cornbelt and Ruthven-Ayrshire had one player earn league recognition in the balloting conducted by the conference coaches.

The complete 2009 Cornbelt Conference All Conference honor teams are as follows:

First Team All Conference

Michelle Eden, 12, Woden Crystal Lake/Titonka

Amanda Frieden, 12, West Bend-Mallard

Amber Goraczkowski, 11, North Sentral Kossuth

Carrie Hefty, 12, West Bend-Mallard

Jodi Hibma, 12, Harris-Lake Park

Tasha Neilson, 12, Graettinger/Terril

Deni Peters, 12, Harris-Lake Park

Jena Peters, 12, Harris-Lake Park

Rebekah Rolling, 12, North Sentral Kossuth

Genna Valvick, 11, North Sentral Kossuth

Second Team All Conference

Cassie Benjamin, 12, Twin River Valley

Courtney Cronk, 12, Clay Central Everly

Erica Fehr, 12, West Bend-Mallard

Jessica Fehr, 11, West Bend-Mallard

Lindsay Flaharty, 11, Graettinger/Terril

Kelsey Gerhart, 10, North Sentral Kossuth

Brianne Gonzales, 12, Armstrong-Ringsted

Dakota Hovinga, 12, Graettinger/Terril

Tasha Howe, 12, Clay Central Everly

Morgan Jahr, 12, North Sentral Kossuth

Hannah Kofron, 11, Woden Crystal?Lake/Titonka

Brittany Langford, 12, North Sentral Kossuth

Christine Larson, 11, Harris-Lake Park

Chelsea Mathews, 12, Ventura

Amber Smith, 12, Ventura

Samantha Tigges, 11, Woden Crystal Lake/Titonka

Honorable Mention

Lydia Brandt, 9, Harris-Lake Park

Jadyn Byers, 12, Ventura

Renee Egan, 12, Corwith-Wesley/LuVerne

Sadie Forey, 11, Ruthven-Ayrshire

Nicole Gearhart, 12, West Bend-Mallard

Kaley Lempke, 10, Twin River Valley

Megan Sanders, 12, Armstrong-Ringsted

Cornbelt Coach of the Year

Carol Shillington, North Sentral Kossuth

Cornbelt Conference Volleyball Standings 2009

Match Games

North Sentral Kossuth 10-0 30-2

Harris-Lake Park 8-2 28-7

West Bend-Mallard 8-2 25-11

Graettinger/Terril 7-3 24-13

Woden-Crystal Lake/Titonka 6-4 19-18

Clay Central-Everly 4-6 16-19

Twin River Valley 4-6 16-25

Ventura 4-6 17-21

Armstrong-Ringsted 2-8 13-26

Ruthven-Ayrshire 2-8 8-27

Corwith-Wesley-LuVerne 0-10 3-30