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Raiders Fall To Armstrong-Ringsted

By Staff | Oct 13, 2009

RUTHVEN – Ruthven-Ayrshire’s Raiders lost a hard-fought match to Armstrong Ringsted by a 1-3 tally last week. The Raiders fell by game scores of 17-25, 21-25, 25-22 and 7-25.

“The play was very tough and competitive and the first three games were examples of that,” noted RA?Head Coach Kim Sierck.

Sadie Forey led the serving game with 18 of21 serves and an ace, while making 27 of 32 hits with eight kills. Forey also dug out seven shots and blocked two shots on the night for a solid all-around game.

Jessica Larson added 12 of 12 serves with two aces and made six of seven hits with two kills and five digs.

Alesha Sikora added 11 of 11 serves with an ace and made six of six hits, while digging out seven shots and making seven assists.

Geena Blake added 10 of 11 serves with four aces and eight digs, while Caitlyn Reed connected on six of eight serves with an ace, along with making 13 of 17 hits with four kills and seven digs.

Megan Alexander added four of four serves for the Raiders, along with six of six hits, six assists and five digs in the effort.

Kendra Feldman would make 19 of 22 hits with seven kills, while Miranda McGrauth added four of five hits with one kill, along with two assists and a dig.

“Our serving was much improved and that is one very important facet of the game,” Sierck noted. “The thorn in our side continues to be serve reception. I’d just like to see better communication and more confidence in that aspect of our game.”

Sierck continued, “our middle hitters, Sadie and Kendra, really stepped up and played aggressively at the net and Sadie and Jessica gave us serving runs.”