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Lady Wolverines 1-2 At North Iowa

By Staff | Oct 13, 2009

WEST?BEND – Coach Kelly Menning and the Lady Wolverines of West Bend-Mallard earned a 1-2 finish at Saturday’s North Iowa Volleyball Tournament. The Lady Wolverines fell 0-2 to Mason City Newman and 0-2 to Estherville Lincoln Central before defeating Armstrong-Ringsted 2-0.

At the serving line, Erica Fehr led the effort with 23 of 25 serves and an ace, while Carrie Hefty connected on 22 of 23 serves with an ace. Missy Abrahamson added 17 of 21 serves with an ace and Nicole Gearhart made 16 of 21 with a pair of aces to her credit.

Kara Vanderhorst added 15 of 25 serves and had four aces, while Jessica Fehr added 14 of 19 serves with a pair of aces as the Lady Wolverines made 108 of their 134 attempts on the day with 11 aces for 88 percent serving.

At the net, Amanda Frieden made 30 of 60 hits with 25 kills on the day. Missy Abrhamson had 20 of 38 hits with eight kills, while Jessica Fehr added 17 of 35 hits with 15 kills.

Nicole Gearhart came away with 10 of 25 hits and eight kills, while Kenzie Banwart made six of 14 hits with five kills. Erica Fehr made three of six hits with two kills and Kara Vanderhorst added two of six hits with one kill, while Carrie hefty came away with four of five hits.

The Lady Wolverines made 92 of 189 hitting attempts with 64 successful kills on the day for 82.5 percent accuracy.

Carrie Hefty would hand out 49 assists to her teammates during the day, as well as digging out 14 shots.

Jessica Fehr made 23 digs with an assist, while Erica Fehr dug out 23 shots on the day. Nicole Gearhart dug out 14 shots and blocked two at the net, while Kara Vanderhorst added five digs to the effort.

Amanda Frieden made two digs and handed out an assist and blocked one shot as well, while teammate Missy Abrahamson added one dig and a blocked shot to the effort.

Kenzie Banwart rounded out West Bend-Mallard’s efforts at the tournament by coming away with an assist.

WBM will host Ventura tonight (Tuesday) and travel to Britt Thursday.