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Raiders Battle Hard In Loss To Chargers

By Staff | Oct 8, 2009

RUTHVEN – Ruthven-Ayrshire’s volleyball team came up short in a 3-0 loss to Laurens-Marathon Tuesday night, but RA?Coach Kim Sierck did find some positives in the match.

“I wasn’t completely displeased with our play – there were some bright spots that got the girls going and led to some good volleyball,”?Sierck noted. “The communication was much better than last Thursday’s matches against WBM and NSK. That’s something I stress with every match – sometimes it clicks and sometimes id seems like that’s the first thing to fall by the wayside.”

The Raiders got solid serving out of Alesha Sikora, as she made eight of eight serves with three aces, while Sadie Forey added seven of nine serves. Caitlyn Reed made six of seven serves with an ace and Geena Blake also added six of seven serves. Megan Alexander went five for five at the serving line and Jessica Larson added four of five serves to the effort.

At the net, Sadie Forey made 20 of 23 hits with six kills to lead the Raiders. Megan Alexander came away with 10 of 13 hits and a pair of kills, while Kendra Feldman had six of nine hits with three kills. Caitlyn Reed added five of eight hits, while Miranda McGrauth would come away with five of seven hits and two kills and Jessica Larson added one hit.

Megan Alexander issued seven assists and Alesha Sikora had three helpers. Sadie Forey made eight digs, while Megan Alexander and Alesha Sikora both had six digs. Jessica Larson, Geena Blake and Caitlyn Reed all dug out five shots in the match.

“Our passing wasn’t very consistent, so it was tough to get much done with our hitters,”?Coach Sierck noted. “Megan Alexander got quite a few touches on the ball as a hitter and she was able to find some holes in the defense. Miranda McGrauth sparked the team a couple of times as well, with some solid attacks at the net for us.”