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Raiders Sweep Aurelia

By Staff | Oct 1, 2009

RUTHVEN – Homecoming week in Ruthven got off to a great start Monday with the Raider volleyball team sweeping Aurelia 3-0. The Raiders were victorious in game scores of 25-14, 25-9 and 25-20.

“In game three, we were actually down 12-16, and Alesha Sikora served us to point 21. She was placing the ball really well all night, and keeping the passers moving and guessing,” noted Ruthven-Ayrshire Head Coach Kim Sierck. “I also thought Caitlyn Reed and Sadie Forey did a nice job tonight. Both girls were seeing the court well and finding the open spots in Aurelia’s defense.”

Alesha Sikora made 19 of 19 serves with six aces, while Jessica Larson made 17 of 19 serves with five aces. Geena Blake added 12 of 15 serves with four aces and Caitlyn Reed made seven of nine serves with three aces. Sadie Forey connected on six of nine serves with an ace and Megan Alexander added two of three serves as the Raiders made 63 of 74 serves as a team with 19 aces.

At the net, Sadie Forey was deadly with 23 of 26 hits and 10 kills. Caitlyn Reed added 14 of 14 hits and eight kills, while Kendra Feldman added 10 of 13 hits with three kills. Megan Alexander had seven of eight hits with one kill and Jessica Larson came up with four of eight hits and a kill. Miranda McGrauth added three of three hits with a kill and Alesha Sikora made one hit.

Jessica Larson dug out six shots, while Megan Alexander had four digs. Geena Blake, Caitlyn Reed and Miranda McGrauth all made three digs and Sadie Forey and Alesha Sikora both dug out one shot each. Sadie Forey rounded out the effort at the net with two blocks.

“This was a great all-around effort tonight. Each player contributed to this win, and that’s the way the game needs to be played.” Coach Sierck said. “We were able to spread the ball out offensively which I like to see, and we covered the floor pretty well on defense as well.”