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Null and Void

By Staff | Oct 1, 2009

There’s a little twinge of sadness for me this week – the racing season is over for another year, and I’m sure, in about a week or so, I’ll start going through my withdrawl pains. When you get used to a routine for the weekends and it suddenly changes, it takes a little adaptation time.

But, there is a withdrawl thing about that caramel corn….

Having worked as an official for close to 25 years, there have been lots of people, lots of races and lots of memories. Every year when the season begins, the freshly painted cars sparkle in the Springtime sun, and by the end of September, the once-pristine racing machines show the effects of a season of dirt track racing – dents, wrinkles, body panels without paint and even the occasional For Sale sign.

There are some racers who find the end of a season is a bit of a blessing, a time to become reacquainted with family, while for others, its time to begin planning for the next racing season, and formulate plans on what to work on over the winter.

For Greg Sidles, the end of the season is a time to reflect on a major accomplishment – winning the 2009 B-Modified Points Championship at Jackson Speedway. Sidles earned the points title in the #1 B-Modified, with Arvin as car owner, chief mechanic and team manager. There were a few wins along the way, the car didn’t get torn up to badly, and the motor sounded as stout at the last checkered flag Saturday night as it did the first weekend of the season back in May.

Other area racers had some successes as well, whether at the go-kart tracks around the area or the big car tracks, and most importantly, all are still with us to relive those memories over the winter. Motorsports are hazardous, and all too often during a season, the racing community is touched by tragedy – but thankfully, not in the immediate area this season.

In any regards, congratulations to Greg and the team on a great accomplishment.

And now, football.

There was some concern that Emmetsburg might be walking into an ambush at Fort Dodge last Friday night when they met up with St. Edmonds’, and while the E’Hawks were challenged, they played a solid game and came away with a 31-17 win to move into the lead of District Two. But this week presents a new challenge, perhaps even more complex than normal.

Garner-Hayfield comes to Duane Twait Field on Friday night as the E’Hawks’ opponent for Homecoming 2009. With all the activities of Homoecoming week, the focus of a team can be distracted somewhat, and when the focus isn’t sharp on the task at hand, that’s when bad things happen.

Coach Mike Dunlap and Coach Joe Carter treat Homecoming like any other week in the football season. Film is broken down, scouting reports are reviewed, and a game plan is put into play and practiced. The routine seldom changes, only the opponents.

However, the importance remains to play the best game of the season – Homecoming notwithstanding. Garner-Hayfield provided the E’Hawks with a test last season, and will do so again come Friday night. They have played several common opponents very tough so far, and simply cannot be discounted in any way. Emmetsburg 28, Garner-Hayfield 7.