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Lady E’Hawks, Lady Wolverines Play At Humboldt Tourney

By Staff | Sep 29, 2009

BLOCK?THAT?SHOT - Emmetsburg’s Nikki Schany, left, and Paige Naig, right, go up for a block against Humboldt during action at Saturday’s Humboldt Invitational Tournament. -- Dan Voigt photo

HUMBOLDT – Volleyball teams from West Bend-Mallard and Emmetsburg played in the Humboldt Invitational on Saturday, meeting teams including North Sentral Kossuth, Prairie Valley, Ogden, Humboldt and Southern Cal.

For Emmetsburg’s Lady E’Hawks, it was a long day as they did not win a match against their opponents.

Emmetsburg lost to Humboldt in the first round 9-21 and 3-21, before meeting West Bend-Mallard and losing by scores of 15-21 and 10-21. Against North Sentral Kossuth, Emmetsburg lost 7-21 and 9-21. Meting Ogden, the Lady E’Hawks put up a good battle but came up short 14-21 and lost to Prairie Valley by scores of 13-21 and 14-21 before closing out the day with losses to Southern Cal by scores of 12-21 and 7-21.

For Emmetsburg, Jordan Morris had seven of eight serves and made 33 of 42 hits with seven kills, while adding a pair of assisted blocks, three digs and one assists.

Morgan Vlasman added 14 of 18 service completions with four aces, along with 24 of 32 hits and 11 kills, while assisting on one block. Vlasman also dug out 11 shots on the day for the Lady E’Hawks.

Hannah Drost came away with 28 of 29 serves and six aces, and made six of six hits with two kills. Drost assisted on one block, dug out 10 shots and handed out 26 helpers on the day.

Jordan Kerber had 15 of 15 serves with three aces and two of two hits, with 10 digs and two assists. Molli Schmeling came up with 15 of 17 serves and two aces, while digging out nine shots and making one assist.

Nicole Leuer had seven of seven serves with two aces and made 12 of 23 hits along with six digs. Paige Naig made seven of 11 kills and assisted with one block.

Chelsey Rouse made 46 of 52 hits on the day and hammered nine kills, and assisted on a pair of blocks, as well as making nine digs and handing out one assist. Nikki Schany chipped in three of five hits with a dig.

Hillary Pico added five of five serves and had four digs. Coming off the bench, Hallie Cody made two of three serves.

Jayme Penrod came up with 15 of 20 service completions with three aces and had 15 of 20 hits with three kills. Penrod also added eight digs to the effort. Kaity Degen also came off the bench and made one of two serves and 15 of 17 hits with two kills, as well as assisting on one block, making two digs and adding one assist.

For West Bend-Mallard, the day ended with wins over Emmetsburg, Prairie Valley and Ogden and losses to Southern Cal, Humboldt and North Sentral Kossuth.

For the Lady Wolverines, Erica Fehr made 28 of 34 serves with three aces, made 19 digs and had seven of 11 hits with two kills.

Jessica Fehr added 28 of 33 service completions with four aces, dug out 22 shots and handed out one assist, while making 18 of 37 hits with nine kills and one blocked shot.

Missy Abrahamson connected on 18 of 28 serves with five aces and made two digs, while pounding 19 of41 hits with 13 kills.

Nicole Gearhart made 17 of 23 serves with four aces and dug out 25 shots while dished out two assists. Gearhart also made 26 of 41 hits with nine kills and blocked six shots.

Kara Vanderhorst would finish the day with 20 of 26 serves and three aces, along with digging out 29 shots and making one assist. Vanderhorst added five of six hits with one kill.

Carrie Hefty connected on 33 of 39 of her service attempts and made five aces, while handing out 46 assists on the day and digging out 14 shots. Hefty added four of seven hits with three kills and three blocks.

Amanda Frieden would make 36 of 66 hits with 20 kills and blocked 13 shots and Kenzie Banwart dug out one shot and handed out four assists, while making 13 of 19 hits with three kills and one blocked shot.