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Lady E’Hawks Just Shy Of Victories

By Staff | Sep 22, 2009

It can be very frustrating for a team to be this close to a victory, only to be denied at the last moment.

Emmetsburg’s Lady E’Hawk volleyball team knows that feeling all too well after a pair of disappointing losses at Estherville Lincoln Central last Thursday and Spirit Lake on Tuesday night.

At ELC, the Lady E’Hawks fell by game scores of 20-25, 18-25 and 22-25.

“I felt so bad for the girls,” admitted Head Coach Andrea Accola-Sabin. “It just seemed like they couldn’t get a break, no matter what on Thursday night.”

In the final game of the match, a pair of controversial calls by one of the officials mystified both coaches, who were in agreement with each other on a call, only to be overruled by one of the officials.

For Emmetsburg, Jordan Morris made 10 of 12 serves with one ace and 18 of 19 hits with seven kills. Morris assisted on one block and added four digs. Jordan Kerber would make nine of 12 serves with an ace, added two digs and made three assists. Hillary Pico connected on nine of 10 serves with an ace, dug out 13 shots and had one assist.

Hannah Drost added nine of nine serves, made three digs and handed out nine assists in the match, while Molli Schmeling made eight of nine serves with an ace and dug out six shots. Nicole Leuer completed seven of nine serves with one ace, while making 11 of 12 hits with four kills. Leuer assisted on one block and had four digs.

Chelsey Rouse made 14 of 15 hits with three kills, and handed out two helpers, while Paige Naig had seven of 10 hits with a kill, assisted on one block and had one dig. Morgan Vlasman added six of 10 hits with four kills, had a solo block and an assist block and dug out one shot, while Nikki Schany added two hits with one kill, had one dig and one assist.

Against Spirit Lake, Emmetsburg lost 3-1 off game scores of 25-21, 9-25, 18-25 and 15-25.

Morgan Vlasman had a good night at the net, making 28 of 31 hits with eight kills, along with an assisted block and two digs. Jordan Morris added 16 of 23 hits with four kills, assisted on two blocks and made 11 serves with one ace.

Paige Naig added 18 of 22 hits with two kills, and assisted on two blocks, while Nicole Leuer had 15 of 19 hits with three kills, and 10 of 11 serves with three aces, as well as two assisted blocks and six digs.

Chelsey Rouse added 10 hits with one kill and four of five serves with an ace, as well as nine digs and three assists. Nikki Schany had one hit and assisted on a block.

Hannah Drost made 14 of 15 serves with two aces and dug out nine shots with 10 assists, while Molli Schmeling had 11 of 11 serves with an ace and four digs. Hillary Pico added nine of 11 serves with an ace and dug out 17 shots and Jordan Kerber had three of five serves, three digs and three helpers.