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Null and Void

By Staff | Aug 27, 2009

Here it is, that time of the year when the football flies, the runners run and volleyballers spike. The Fall sports season is officially underway, and the summer has flown by for everyone, and I still can’t quite get my internal sense of time shifted into the Fall mode just yet. I just feel like I?missed about three weeks of the year somewhere –

The football season begins Friday night, a full week before Labor Day, which still seems much too early as compared to previous years.

This season will present lots of challenges to our local teams, as each team continues to deal with worries about numbers, the quality of their competition, and then when you add in all those “unknowns” that everyone talks about, there isn’t a coach out there that will tell you their team is in good shape.

I alway think back to a couple of the “sly foxes” of the area, Koy Goodchild and Rod Hough of West Bend-Mallard and Graettinger/Terril, respectively. Over my 19 years covering our county, I’d visit with these two every Fall, and the fish stories they’d tell…..

“Oh geez, We’re hurting down here,”?was always Goodchild’s reply, followed by a great laugh.

“I don’t know, everybody is so tough,” was the response from Hough, who would then grin and chuckle.

Don’t expect to see either of them on the World Poker Tour very soon. Bluffers they are not!

Anyhow. this year, I’m pulling in my horns and just going to predict one game a week. The old brain just has to process way too much information these days, and the sources are drying up.

Emmetsburg vs Spencer – The E’Hawks reload again, but the cupboard isn’t bare, by any means. There are quality kids stepping up to take their turn in the spotlight. Spencer is starting a junior quarterback, something totally out of the norm. Could it be a factor? We’ll know Friday. Emmetsburg 28, Spencer 13.