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Cornbelt Awards Post-Season Softball Honors

By Staff | Aug 13, 2009

Several area players received post season honors for their play on the diamond in the 2009 softball season. The 2009 Cornbelt Conference All Conference Teams were selected by the league coaches at the conclusion of the campaign in July.

The West Bend-Mallard Lady Wolverines saw seven players earn post-season honors. A trio of Lady Wolverines earned First Team honors, starting with senior pitcher Michaela Grimm and senior utility player Kayla Hartman, along with junior catcher Missy Abrahamson.

Earning second team honors for West Bend-Mallard were junior utility player Nicole Gearhart and junior outfielder Carrie Hefty, along wtih freshman second baseman Wendy Grimm.

Rounding out the selections for the Lady Wolverines was freshman outfielder Jessie Abrahamson, who was accorded Honorable Mention honors.

Graettinger/Terril had a half-dozen players receive honors, starting with junior third baseman Dakota Hovinga and junior outfielder Tasha Neilson being named to the First Team unit.

Earning Second team honors for the Knights were senior shortstop Theresa Peterson and senior utility player Malorie Girres.

Graettinger/Terril had sophomore Lindsay Flaharty, an outfielder, and freshman Maddy Schany, a catcher, receive Honorable Mention honors for their play during the season.

The Ruthven-Ayrshire Raiders had a Second Team All Conference selection this season, as senior Cassidy Smith was honored as pitcher for the Raiders.

The complete 2009 Cornbelt Conference All Conference Teams are as follows:

2009 Cornbelt Conference Final Standings

Overall Standings

*Armstrong-Ringsted 8-1

*North Sentral Kossuth 8-1

West Bend-Mallard 7-2

Wooden-Crystal Lake/Titonka 6-3

Graettinger/Terril 5-4

Harris-Lake Park 5-4

Twin River Valley 3-6

Clay Central Everly 2-7

Ruthven-Ayrshire 1-8

Corwith-Wesley/LuVerne 0-9

*Overall Co-Champions

East Division Standings

North Sentral Kossuth 6-2

West Bend-Mallard 6-2

Woden Crystal Lake-Titonka 6-2

Twin River Valley 2-6

Corwith-Wesley-LuVerne 0-8

West Division Standings

Armstrong-Ringsted 7-1

Graettinger/Terril 7-1

Harris-Lake Park 4-4

Clay Central-Everly 2-6

Ruthven-Ayrshire 0-8

All-Conference Softball

First Team

Player Grade Position School

Michaela Grimm 12 Pitcher West Bend-Mallard

Amy Leach 12 Pitcher Armstrong-Ringsted

Jena Peters 11 Pitcher Harris-Lake Park

Missy Abrahamson 11 Catcher West Bend-Mallard

Alyssa Schwartz 12 Catcher Wooden-Crystal Lake/Titonka

Courtney Haag 12 First Base North Sentral Kossuth

Hannah Kofron 10 Second Base Wooden-Crystal Lake/Titonka

Rebecca Rolling 11 Shortstop North Sentral Kossuth

Dakota Hovinga 11 Third Base Graettinger/Terril

Rosie Cheever 12 Outfield Armstrong-Ringsted

Abby Ingalls 10 Outfield North Sentral Kossuth

Tasha Neilson 11 Outfield Graettinger/Terril

Kassie Atwood 12 Utility Twin River Valley

Jenna Biedenfeld 12 Utility Clay Central-Everly

Michelle Eden 11 Utility Wooden-Crystal Lake/Titonka

Shayna Geitzenauer 12 Utility North Sentral Kossuth

Morgan Grabinoski 12 Utility Armstrong-Ringsted

Kayla Hartman 12 Utility West Bend-Mallard

All-Conference Conference

Second Team

Player Grade Position School

Laura Brugman 12 Pitcher Clay Central-Everly

Allie Ingalls 8 Pitcher North Sentral Kossuth

Cassidy Smith 12 Pitcher Ruthven-Ayrshire

Lindsey Reese 12 Catcher Harris-Lake Park

Kirsty Riggert 8 Catcher Corwith-Wesley/Luverne

Leah Elsbecker 12 First Base Harris-Lake Park

Wendy Grimm 9 Second Base West Bend-Mallard

Theresa Petersen 12 Shortstop Graettinger/Terril

Amber Goraczkowski 10 Third Base North Sentral Kossuth

Brooke Bennett 10 Outfield Twin River Valley

Carrie Hefty 11 Outfield West Bend-Mallard

Deni Peters 11 Outfield Harris-Lake Park

Jenna Valvick 10 Outfield North Sentral Kossuth

Nicole Bannister 11 Utility Wooden-Crystal Lake/Titonka

Anna Brandt 10 Utility Harris-Lake Park

Jasmine Clausen 8 Utility Armstrong-Ringsted

Nicole Gearhart 11 Utility West Bend-Mallard

Malorie Girres 12 Utility Graettinger/Terril

Paige Heesch 10 Utility Wooden-Crystal Lake/Titonka

Shayla Simms 10 Utility Twin River Valley

All Conference

Honorable Mention

Player Grade Position School

Maddy Schany 9 Catcher Graettinger/Terril

Amber Streit 12 Second Base Twin River Valley

Lindsay Flaharty 10 Outfield Graettinger/Terril

Cassidy Cirks 11 Shortstop Twin River Valley

Sam Thilges 10 First Base Wooden-Crystal Lake/Titonka

Whitney Shellenberg 10 Outfield Corwith-Wesley/Luverne

Jessie Abrahamson 9 Outfield West Bend-Mallard

2009 Cornbelt Coach of the Year

Art Ingalls – North Sentral Kossuth