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Season Finale Not A Given For E’Hawks

By Staff | Oct 23, 2008

While it’s no secret that the Emmetsburg E’Hawks will be the top team in Class 1A District Two, there is still one mightily important game to play this Friday night. The opponent – Lake Mills.

The Bulldogs are 2-4 in district play and 2-6 overall on the season, and have had a roller-coaster year, according to Emmetsburg Assistant Coach Joe Carter.

“They’ve had a lot of injuries to deal with this season,” Carter noted. “They had a young man who was injured badly in the first game of the season, and they’ve just battled injuries all the way around since then.”

According to Carter, the Bulldogs are a pretty straight-forward challenge for the E’Hawks come Friday night.

“Lake Mills works out of the Power I, Wing I and will have lots of twins looks,” Carter noted. “The have size, some very good young backs and they have excellent speed in their receiver positions.”

Calling Lake Mills a Jekyll and Hyde type team may seem harsh, but it is an apt description of the Bulldogs’ fortunes. Playing well in some games, and then not so well in others, they are, nonetheless, a team that cannot be overlooked.

“Lake Mills certainly is very capable of moving the football,” Carter admitted.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Bulldogs work out of the traditional 5-3 and 6-2 alignments, nothing out of the ordinary to the E’Hawks.

“They do have some good physical size on the defensive line, so we have to respect that as well,” Carter added.

While some might worry that coming off a lopsided 54-0 win over West Fork last week, Emmetsburg’s players might be flat for Friday’s game. Carter doesn’t subscribe to that theory.

“This game is our most important game, and that’s the truth,” the assistant coach said. “We have a goal of finishing the season 7-0 in the district and 9-0 on the season, and that’s what we want to do on Friday. That’s what we’re focusing on and nothing more.”

With that said, Carter did point out that the big win over West Fork last Friday was most satisfying all the way around. “It was exciting for the twos to score, and exciting for the defense to make a big stop. Every time that happens, it creates a little more depth and competition in our practices.”

“We still have to be ready to go on Friday night, and play our best game of the season, there’s no doubt about that.” Carter stated.