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Netters Close Regular Season Wtih Setbacks

By Staff | Oct 21, 2008

SENDING IT BACK - Hilary Pico fields a serve as teammate Katelyn Schany watches during Emmetsburg’s 3-0 loss to Spencer last Thursday evening. --Dan Voigt photo

Emmetsburg’s Lady E’Hawks closed out the regular season with a 3-0 loss to Spencer in Lakes Conference action Thursday night. The loss by scores of 18-25, 17-25 and 14-25, gave Emmetsburg a league mark of 1-7 on the season and 2-14 overall.

On Saturday, Emmetsburg played in the Storm Lake Invitational, where they went 2-3 on the day in match action, giving them a 4-27 overall season match record.

Against Spencer, Hannah Reichert would lead the serving attack with 12 of 12 serves and an ace, while Mollie Smith made 10 of 12 serves with two aces. Jackie Barnes had 10 of 10 serves with two aces and Kayla Herbers added four of six. Bailee Moore made five of five and Katie Malm added four of five.

At the net, Kayla Herbers made 19 of 22 hits with six kills, while Jackie Barnes added 11 of 17 hits and three kills. Mollie Smith had eight of 10 with two kills, while Bailee Moore and Morgan Vlasman both had eight of nine hits. Vlasman tallied four kills and Moore added one kill. Katelyn Schany had six of seven hits with two kills.

Mollie Smith and Bailee Moore would both dig out nine shots, while Hannah Reichert making five digs. Nichole Hasbrouck, Hillary Pico and Katie Malm all had three digs and HErbers, Barnes, Schany and Vlasman each dug out two shots.

Bailee Moore issued nine assists, while Hannah Reichert added five helpers.

On Saturday, the Lady E’Hawks journeyed to Storm Lake to play in the Storm Lake Invitational.

In their first game with Spirit Lake, Emmetsburg fell by game scores of 7-21 and 9-21. Against Cherokee, the Lady E’Hawks took a 2-1 win over the Braves, winning by game scores of 21-17, 18-21 and 15-10.

The Lady E’Hawks would defeat Estherville Lincoln Central 2-1, by game scores of 22-20, 14-21 and 15-12.

Emmetsburg would meet Storm Lake and fell 2-1, winning the first game 21-1, but losing 16-21 and 6-15. In the consolation round, the Lady E’Hawks met Storm Lake again, and fell 2-0 by scores of 15-25 and 15-25.

On the day, Mollie Smith had 30 of 37 serves with two aces, 42 of 53 hits with seven kills, 30 digs and one assist.

Bailee Moore had 27 of 27 serves with three aces, 17 of 21 hits with one kill, 16 digs and 28 assists. Kayla Herbers made 22 of 24 serves with two aces, 47 of 54 hits with 17 kills, 10 digs and one assist.

Jackie Barnes came away with 30 of 32 serves with five aces, made 32 of 36 hits with 11 kills, dug out two shots and made one assist.

Katelyn Schany added 17 of 20 hits with seven kills at the net for the Lady E’Hawks on the day.

Morgan Vlasman added 30 of 53 hits with 13 kills, along with two digs, while Katie Malm turned in 20 of 23 serves with five aces, two hits and made 14 digs.

Hannah Reichert connected on 41 of 41 service attempts with 11 aces, had one hit, dug out nine shots and dished out 23 helpers on the day.

Nichole Hasbrouck would field 23 digs during the tournament, and Hillary Pico added 12 digs to round out the effort.

Emmetsburg enters Class 2A Regional Tournament play tonight (Tuesday) when they host Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn at 7 p.m. in the Emmetsburg High School Gym.