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Raiders Fall To H-LP

By Staff | Oct 16, 2008

RUTHVEN – Ruthven-Ayrshire’s Raiders dropped a three game set to Harris-Lake Park Tuesday night in Cornbelt Conference volleyball action. The Raiders fell by game scores of 10-25, 25-27 and 10-25.

“I was very impressed with our play in game two,” noted RA Head Coach Kim Sierck. “It was the kind of volleyball that we are capable of playing, but for some reason we don’t get to that point often enough.”

Jessica Larson led the Raiders at the serving line making 11 serves with one ace, while Ale Blackburn made seven serves with an ace and Sadie Forey made seven serves as well, while Amanda Long added six serves with an ace.

Megan Alexander had five serves with one ace and Caitlyn Reed added four serves, while Alyssa Groshens added one serve.

At the net, Sadie Forey had 20 hits and four kills, while Ale Blackburn added eight hits and three kills. Caitlyn Reed and Amanda Long both had seven hits and two kills, while Jessica Larson made three hits. Megan Alexander added two hits and a kill and Alyssa Groshens had a hit.

Megan Alexander would hand out 11 assists on the night for the Raiders, while Sadie Forey would dig out eight shots. Megan Alexander added five digs, with Caitlyn Reed making four digs. Ale Blackburn would dig out three shots, while Jessica Long and Amanda Long both had two digs.

Sadie Forey blocked one shots in the match as well.

“We had a much better serving night.” Sierck said. “To be up around 90 percent is where a team needs to be, so I was pleased with that in games one and two. In game three we missed three serves in a row on sideouts, so that really shoots a hole in the momentum.”

Tuesday won’t be the last time that the Raiders will meet up with Harris-Lake Park, however.

“We do play H-LP next week again for first round of tournaments, so we will be watching some tape to try to find some weaknesses in their game. They are a solid, well-coached team and it will be a tough test again for us.” Sierck said.