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Raiders Earn Split In League Matches

By Staff | Oct 14, 2008

RUTHVEN – The Raiders of Ruthven-Ayrshire earned a split in Cornbelt Conference Volleyball action Thursday night. The Raiders fell to Ventura 3-0, but came back to defeat Twin River Valley by a 3-2 tally.

Against Ventura, Ruthven-Ayrshire fell by game scores of 13-25, 8-25 and 11-25, Against Twin River Valley, Ruthven-Ayrshire won the first game 25-23, lost the second and third games by 13-25 and 14-25 scores, but came back to take the fourth and deciding fifth games by scores of 25-21 and 15-9.

Against Ventura, Megan Alexander led the Raiders with eight of nine serves and an ace, while Caitlyn Reed made five of six serves and Ale Blackburn had four of six serves. Jessica Larson added four of five serves while Sadie Forey made three of three and Amanda Long added two of three serves.

At the net,Sadie Forey made 18 of 23 hits with six kills, while Ale Blackburn added nine of 12 hits. Caitlyn Reed made seven of 12 with two kills and Amanda Long had seven of 10 hits with two kills. Jessica Larson and MEgan Alexander both had three of three hits with a kill.

Megan Alexander dished out seven assists, while Caitlyn Reed had two and Ale Blackburn, Amanda long and Sadie Forey all dished out one assist.

Sadie Forey and Ale Blackburn both had a solo block, while Sadie Forey dug out eight shots. Caitlyn Reed had six digs, while Amanada Long dug out four shots. Jessica Larson made three digs, while Ale Blackburn and Kara Gerdeman both had two digs.

Against Twin River Valley, Jessica Larson nailed 23 of 26 serves with nine aces, while Megan Alexander had 16 of 17 serves. Caitlyn Reed made 10 of 14 serves with three aces and Ale Blackburn made 10 of 14 serves with two aces while Amanda Long added 10 of 12 serves with four aces. Sadie Forey rounded out the serving with six of seven serves.

At the net, Sadie Forey made 37 of 38 hits with 11 aces, while Amanda Long made 18 of 23 hits with three kills and Ale Blackburn added 18 of 21 hits with five kills. Caitlyn Reed made 16 of 20 hits with four kills while Jessica Larson had 13 of 13 hits with two kills and Megan Alexander added 13 of 13 hits.

Megan Alexander dished out 22 assists on the match, while Sadie Forey dug out 17 shots and Ale Blackburn added 11 digs. Caitlyn Reed and Amanda Long both dug out seven shots, while Jessica Larson had five digs and Megan Alexander came up with two digs.

Sadie Forey would make four solo blocks and three assists, while Amanda Long assisted on three blocks and Ale Blackburn had a block.

“In the match with Ventura, we hit the floor very sluggishly, which has been the case all too often for us this season,” admitted Ruthven-Ayrshire Head Coach Kim Sierck. “They were able to get a jump on us in all three games with runs of three or four points at a time. When a team is able to do that against us, that puts us in a hole that can be tough to dig out of.”

Sierck continued, “With the triangular format, we were able to watch Ventura and TRV play each other, and the girls were able to see some things that we could take advantage of in the match with TRV. The girls came out ready to play, and we were able to get game one, which was huge for this group.”

According to Sierck, the win over TRV was a long time in coming, dating back to Sept. 4.

“It was a total team effort in this win-everyone contributed in their own way. ,” Sierck admitted. “We had Caitlyn Reed in there due to an injury, and she really provided some spark I believe. Jessica Larson came up huge for us at the serving line in game four. We were down 9-11 and she gave us a 15-9 lead which shifted the momentum our way for what seemed like the rest of the match. Once again Sadie Forey had an awesome offensive night with good hitting and a big blocking as well.”