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Golfer Records Hole-In-One

By Staff | Oct 14, 2008

A new resident to the Emmetsburg community got a nice welcome to the community last Thursday with a hole-in-one.

Jesse O’Sell was golfing with Bo Pettit at the Five Island Golf Course when the feat occurred.

“We were on the sixth hole and I teed off with my nine iron,” O’Sell said. “I didn’t see where it landed, but Bo saw in bounce once, so we figured it went over the back of the hole.”

The pair proceeded to the hole and O’Sell began looking for his ball behind the green, while Pettit putted. Pettit sank the putt and as he retrieved his ball from the cup, found O’Sell’s ball resting inside.

“I was out looking for my ball and Bo yelled at me and held up my ball. He asked me if this was my ball as he pulled it out of the cup and I freaked,” O’Sell admitted. “I was like completely speechless.”

O’Sell, who has golfed for around 14 years, has never accomplished a hole-in-one shot until last week’s shot.

“I’m going to retire the ball and my lucky glove,” O’Sell said. “I still can’t really believe this has happened, but it sure is great.”