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Knight Netters Struggle In Losses

By Staff | Sep 25, 2008

I GOT IT! - Dakota Hovinga fields a serve during the Knights match at West Bend-Mallard on Tuesday. Hovinga would handle 16 serve receptions in the match.--Dan Voigt photo

GRAETTINGER – After taking the second game of their match with West Bend-Mallard on Tuesday night, an injury to a player and the tenacity of the Lady Wolverines combined to defeat Graettinger/Terril. The Knights fell 3-1 to the Lady Wolverines by game scores of 18-25, 27-25, 16-25 and 12-25.

“We came out ready to play but just couldn’t set up defense against their outside hits to the middle,” noted GT Head Coach Teresa Alesch.

The Knights were sailing along in game two when Tasha Neilson went down with an ankle injury. Neilson would return briefly in game three, but sat out the remainder of the match.

Theresa Peterson had 11 kills on the night while Neilson and Dakota Hovinga each made four kills. Peterson, Neilson and Leah Flaharty would all block two shots, while Lindsay Flaharty added 18 assists on the night.

Theresa Peterson would dig out 15 shots on the night, while Dakota Hovinga and Malorie Girres both added 10 digs and Tasha Neilson dug out nine shots.

KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL - West Bend-Mallard’s Madi Dahlhauser goes to the floor to make a serve return as teammate Kayla Hartman backs the play up Tuesday night against Graettinger/Terril. The Lady Wolverines earned a 3-1 decision over Graettinger/Terril in the conference matchup. -- Dan Voigt photo

At the serving line, Peterson made 16 with seven aces, while Leah Flaharty connected on 13 serves with three aces. Both Malorie Girres and Lindsay Flaharty had nine serves with one ace for the Knights. Theresa Peterson would field 25 serves in the match, while Dakota Hovinga added 16 and Leah Flaharty had 13.

In play at the Ruthven-Ayrshire Tournament on Saturday, the Knights would finish second behind Harris-Lake Park. G/T downed Ruthven-Ayrshire by scores of 21-9 and 21-8, and then defeated Woden Crystal Lake Titonka by 21-7 and 21-11 margins before falling to H-LP 19-21 and 13-21.

For the Knights, Peterson had 12 kills, while Tasha Neilson added 11 and Malorie Girres made seven. Theresa Peterson had 11 blocks, with Girres making eight and Neilson stopping four shots.

Lindsay flaharty dished out 27 assists on the day, while Theresa Peterson dug out 13 shots. Tasha Nelson had 10 digs and Dakota Hovinga added nine digs to the effort.

At the serving line, Tasha Neilson completed 23 serves with five aces, while Theresa Peterson added 18 serves and nine aces and Dakota Hovinga rounded out the effort with 14 serves and eight aces.

BATTLE AT THE NET - Lady Wolverines Laura Smith, and Amanda Knobloch double up at the net for a block attempt against Graettinger/Terril’s Tasha Neilson during Cornbelt Conference play between the two clubs Tuesday. West Bend-Mallard would win the match by a 3-1 score over the Knights. -- Dan Voigt photo

Thursday evening the Knights lost a heartbreaking 3-2 match to Harris-Lake Park at Lake Park. Game scores were 20-25, 12-25, 25-20, 26-24 and 14-16.

Theresa Peterson would hammer down 18 kills, with Tasha Nelson making 12 kills. The blocking game saw Neilson, Malorie Girres and Dakota Hovinga all stop two shots on the night.

Lindsay Flaharty would dish out 29 helpers in the effort against the Wolves, while Tasha Neilson dug out 18 shots and Theresa Peterson had 17 digs. Lindsay Flaharty added 12 digs to the effort.

Theresa Peterson would complete 22 serves with three aces, while Malorie Girres had 17 serves with three aces and Dakota Hovinga added 17 serves with two aces.

Leah Flaharty and Theresa Peterson both fielded 23 serves during the mach and Dakota Hovinga added 20 receptions for the Knights.

“We just need to keep working out on mental game and be ready to play every time we go out on the floor”

noted Alesch.