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Lady E’Hawks Falter In Own Invitiational

By Staff | Sep 16, 2008

BUMP AND BATTLE - Emmetsburg’s Mollie Smith, left, hammers down a kill despite the defensive efforts of Graettigner/Terril’s Liz Sparks, (2) and Dakota Hovinga (10) during action in the Emmetsburg Lady E’Hawk Invitational on Saturday. The Knights would defeat Emmetsburg twice on the day to finish third while Emmetsburg finished fourth in the tournament. Bishop Garrigan defeated Storm Lake for the title. -- Dan Voigt photo

Saturday was a long, tough day for both the Emmetsburg Lady E’Hawks and the Graettinger/Terril Knights on the volleyball court. Playing in the Lady E’Hawk Invitational, the Knights would end up with a third place finish while the host Lady E’Hawks would finish in last place in their own tourney.

“It was a tough day and we learned we have a ways to go,” noted Emmetsburg Head Coach Andrea Accola-Sabin.

“We were on a roller coaster all day,” noted G/T Heac Coach Teresa Alesch. “When we weer up, we were hitting hard, communiating and moving quickly, and then we weren’t.”

The Lady E’Hawks opened the day against Storm Lake, losing by scores of 12-21 and 14-21. Bailee Moore led the serving with seven of eight serves, while Katie Malm had six of six and Kayla Herbers added five of six. At the net, Kayla Herbers had 16 of 18 hits with three kills, while Bailee Moore added seven of 10 hits with one kill and Mollie Smith ad eight of eight hits with four kills.

Mollie Smith would dig out 12 shots, while Katie Malm made 11 digs, and added four assists.

Against Graettinger/Terril, the Lady E’Hawks lost the first game 16-21, but won the second game 21-19 before falling in the final game 15-17.

BaileeMoore was perfect at the service line with 14 of 14 serves, while Jacke Barnes made 20 of 22 hits with three kills. Kayla Herbers added 16 of 17 hits with six kills, and Mollie Smith made 14 of 16 hits with three kills and dug out 13 shots. Hannah Reichert led the way with seven assists in the effort.

Against Bishop Garrigan, Emmetsburg was defeated 7-21 and 12-21. Hannah Reichert made five of five serves to lead Emmetsburg. At the net, Mollie Smith made eight of 10 hits with a pair of kills and made four digs, while Kayla Herbers added four kills. Bailee Moore added three assists for the Lady E’Hawks.

Moving into the consolation match, Emmetsburg and Graettinger/Terril would meet for a second time, with the Knights winning the first game 13-21 before the Lady E’Hawks won the second game 21-17. In the final game, Graettinger/Terril won by a 14-16 final score to take third place over the Lady E’Hawks.

Bailee Moore would lead Emmetsburg in the match with 14 of 14 serves and two aces, while Morgan Vlasman added eight of 10 serves with two aces. At the net, Kayla Herbers made 23 of 24 hits with nine kills, while Jackie Barnes added 14 of 14 hits with five kills and Morgan Vlasman had nine of 11 hits withone kills. Mollie Smith made seven digs and Bailee Moore added 10 assists.

For Graettinger/Terril, the day opened with a 2-1 loss to Bishop Garrigan by scores of 21-18, 7-21 and 11-21,before beating the Lady E’Hawks. G/T then lost 2-1 to Storm Lake by scores of 8-21, 21-19 and 10-15 before winning the consolation match.

The Knights were led by Theresa Peterson with 32 kills nine blocks, while Tasha Neilson had 24 kills and eight blocks. Malorie Girres added 13 kills and six blocks and Dakota Hovinga came up with seven kills and five blocks.

Liz Sparks dished out 58 sets, while Dakota Hovinga and Malorie Girres both had five.

Leah Flaharty made 35 digs and Theresa Peterson added 34 while Tasha Neilson had 29 digs.

Tasha Neilson made 39 serves wit two aces, while Theresa Peterson had 29 serves with one ace. Dakota Hovinga added 28 serves with one ace and Liz Sparks had 26 serves with one ace.