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Netters Earn First Victory Of Young Season

By Staff | Sep 12, 2008

THAT’S A BLOCK! -- Emmetsburg’s Kayla Herbers and Mollie Smith double up for a block against LeMars on Monday night. The Lady E’Hawks fell to the Bulldogs but claimed 3-1 victory over Pocahontas Area on Tuesday night. - Dan Voigt photo

It took a week to accomplish but Emmetsburg’s Lady E’Hawks earned their first win of the volleyball season Tuesday night over Pocahontas Area. Emmetsburg took the victory 3-1, winning by game scores of 25-14, 22-25, 27-25 and 26-24.

“This was a good win for the girls,” noted Head Coach Andrea Accola-Sabin. “We did an outstanding job of digging the ball. The block was a great improvement, too.”

The win gives Emmetsburg a 1-2 mark overall on the season and 0-1 in Lakes Conference play, after a loss to LeMars on Monday night by a 3-0 tally.

In Tuesday’s match, Emmetsburg made 90 of 99 serves with eight aces. Bailee Moore led the effort with 18 of 20 and two aces, while Mollie Smith made 17 of 21 serves. Hannah Reichert was perfect with 17 of 17 and two aces, while Kayla Herbers added 15 of 16 serves and one ace.

Jackie Barnes made 11 of 13 serves with two aces and Katie Malm was also perfect, connecting on 12 of 12 serve attempts.

At the net, Kayla Herbers made 24 of 28 hits with seven kills, while Mollie Smith had 17 of 21 hits with four kills, Bailee Moore added 18 of 20 with four kills and Jackie Barnes hammered 13 of 16 hits with four kills.

Katelyn Schany made seven of eight hits with two kills, while Morgan Vlasman added three of five with a pair of kills. Katie Malm had two hits and a kill and Hannah Reichert added a hit and kill .

As a team, the Lady E’Hawks made 85 of 101 attacks with 25 kills.

In blocking, Jackie Barnes had five assists, while Bailee Moore had four assists. Kayla Herbers had a solo block and three assists, while Morgan Vlasman had a solo block and two helpers. Mollie Smith had two assists to round out the effort.

Katie Malm dished out 12 sets, and Hannah Reichert made four, with Herbers and Schany each making a set.

Mollie Smith and Nichole Hasbrouck would both dig out 16 shots, while Bailee Moore and Kayla Herbers both dug out 14 shots each. Katie Malm had seven digs, while Jackie Barnes added three digs. Katelyn Schany, Morgan Vlasman and Hannah Reichert all dug out two shots.

“Our passing still needs to improve, but we are getting the ball to the 10 foot line, but we need to get it closer to the net,” Accola-Sabin said. “Improvement with every game is a plus, but there are still many areas that we need to improve on.”

On Monday, it was a little different outcome, as the Lady E’Hawks fell by a 3-0 tally to LeMars. Game scores were 17-25, 23-15 and 15-25.

Serving was good once again, with 54 of 57 completions and four aces. Mollie Smith was perfect with 12 of 12 and an ace, while Katie Malm was perfect with 10 of 10 and an ace. Kayla Herbers made nine of 10 serves with two aces, while Bailee Moore had nine of nine. Hannah Reichert made six of seven serves while Jackie Barnes connected on five of six serves and Nichole Hasbrouck made three of three serves.

At the net, Mollie Smith had 16 of 17 hits with five kills and Kayla Herbers added 15 of 17 hits with four kills. Bailee Moore added 13 of 16 hits with four kills, while Morgan Vlasman connected on seven of 11 hits with a kill. Jackie Barnes made all six of her hits and had a kill, while Katelyn Schany made two of four and Katie Malm added two hits.

Jackie Barnes had a solo block, while Mollie Smith and Kayla Herbers both assisted on a block.

Katie Malm would make nine sets in the match, while Hannah Reichert added four sets. Bailee Moore and Jackie Barnes each made a set.

Bailee Moore would dig out 11 shots in the loss, while Kayla Herbers had 10 digs. Nichole Hasbrouck and Mollie Smith each dug out five shots, while Katie Malm had four digs. Jackie Barnes made three digs and Hannah Reichert added two digs.

“Our serving was very good,” noted Accola-Sabin. “For a team to serve 94.7 percent, our team was very aggressive at the serving line. Now, if we could be just as aggressive at the net, it would be great.”

The Lady E’Hawk mentor notes that the team is still learning and growing, but the potential is there.

“We are improving with each game we play, and that’s a great sign,” Accola-Sabin said. “We just need to get rid of the attitude of just keeping the ball alive. We need to have the attitude of putting the ball to the floor on the other side of the net.”

The Lady E’Hawks will next see action on Saturday, Sept. 13, when they host their own invitational tournament at the Emmetsburg High School gym.

Emmetsburg will play in a four-team round-robin format with the teams from Bishop Garrigan of Algona, Storm Lake and the Knights of Graettinger/Terril. Play in the tournament gets underway at 9 a.m. Saturday.