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New TaekwonDo Club Forming Locally

By Staff | Aug 19, 2008

The study of TaekwonDo by individuals has been undertaken for many reasons over time. Over centuries, TaekwonDo has been a part of the Korean culture. Defined as the “art of hand and foot fighting”, TaekwonDo is also a study of discipline, technique and mental training for the individual.

The personal growth of an individual who studies TaekwonDo is what prompted Orlando Gill to take up the ancient art several years ago while a college student in Oklahoma. That decision has led to the establishment of a new TaekwonDo club for the Emmetsburg area.

“We are going to start the Emmetsburg Wild Bunch TaekwonDo Club,” Gill explained. “We will hold sessions on Mondays and Wednesday’s in the cafeteria at Corrigan Hall.”

According to Gill, the classes, which start on Monday, September 8, will be divided into two different age-group sections.

“We’ll have two sections, the first one a kids’ class, geared towards kids eight to 12 years old, and the second for adults from 13 on up,” Gill noted.

The classes will run on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:45 to 8 p.m. There will be a small monthly fee for membership, but all proceeds will be donated to the Holy Family Parish.

For Gill, teaching a TaekwonDo class will be a return to the discipline he has enjoyed for many years.

“I started studying Taekwondo in 1983, and earned my black belt in 1987 and my Second Degree in 1990,” Gill explained. “As far as the Wild Bunch name, that is the TaekwonDo group that we started back in Oklahoma at Oklahoma State 30 years ago. All of us in the club have scattered out, and several of the guys have started clubs in other states. Right now, there are Wild Bunch clubs in Oklahoma, Louisiana, California, and now in Iowa.”

Gill taught TaekwonDo classes while a student at Stillwater, OK, and after his graduation from college. Now, after establishing himself in Emmetsburg, he feels the time is right for another club.

“I’m doing this not only for the art of TaekwonDo, but also to help people develop their own self-confidence,” Gill noted. “The five tenets of TaekwonDo are all beneficial for anyone who studies the art and will help them in their lives.”

The five tenets are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit.

The spirit of TaekwoDo, through its mental conditioning, as well as martial arts training, helps to build a strong sense of justice, fortitude, humility and resolve in its students.

“Hopefully, people who might have been students at one time or another will find our classes inviting and a way to become involved once again,” Gill said. “Or, we will work wit anyone who is interested in learning more about the art.

Class sessions will last about an hour each evening. Persons interested in more information can contact Orlando Gill at 806-202-3944, or by contacting the Holy Family Parish Center at 712-952-3187.

Sessions will begin on Monday, Sept. 8, at 5:45 p.m. in the cafeteria at Corrigan Hall in Emmetsburg.