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Pumpin’ Iron At The Bench Press Classic

By Staff | Apr 1, 2008

YOU CAN DO THIS! - Dennis Goeders prepares to unrack the bar for former Mallard resident Brett Iwen during action in the Sixth Annual Northwest Iowa Bench Press Classic Saturday. Iwen, who traveled from Bennington, Kansas, benched 355 pounds, under the watchful eyes of spotters Dan Chism, left, and Jim George, on the right.--Dan Voigt photo

Bring together 31 individuals from across the midwest who bench press weights, add in lots of camaraderie and excitement about the sport, and you’ve set the stage for the Sixth Annual Northwest ZIowa Bench Press Classic. The 2008 edition of the event saw competitors make the journey to Emmetsburg from as far as Kansas this past Saturday to take part in the event at the Smith Wellness Center.

With competitors as young as 10 years of age, the sport of bench pressing is growing in popularity every year. This year, several new faces were in attendance to participate in the event, as well as several returning lifters who have participated over the six-year history of the event, according to meet organizer Dennis Goeders.

This year’s top lift was 550 pounds, completed by Leonard Willison of Cedar Falls. Willison is returning to competitive lifting after recuperating from an injury last year. Willison, who tips the scales at 317 pounds, opened his lifting day at 515 ponds, and ended with a successful lift of 550 pounds.

To illustrate the growth of the sport, Willison’s two youn sons, aged 10 and 12, both participated in the event on Saturday, with Clayton benching 55 pounds and his older brother Trenton benching 60 pounds.

Complete lift results are as follows

2008 Northwest Iowa

Bench Press Classic

March 28

Weight Body Contestant Home Best

Class Weight Name town Lift

Flight I

Teen 1 94 Clayton Willison Cedar Falls 55

Teen 1 119 Trenton Willison Cedar Falls 60

Teen 1 131 Jake Stubbs Emmetsburg 140

Teen 2 142 Garrett Breese Minneapolis, KS 180

Teen 2 160 Joe Naig Emmetsburg 205

Novice 1 209 Jared Criswell Montezuma 205

Teen 2 172 Bobby Mortenson Emmetsburg 290

Teen 2 177 Mitch Miller Dickens 300

Flight II

novice 1 218 Baron Brinkman Emmetsburg 280

Novice 2 220 Jim Schon Glidden 320

Teen 2 275 Adam Mustard Estherville 315

Submaster 194 Lance Zimmerman Estherville 325

Submaster 212 Lino Vera Emmetsburg 340

Novice 1 213 Daniel Sullivan Cedar Falls 335

Novice 1 242 Brad Rich Arma, KS 350

Teen 2 164 Markus Thiel Estherville 355

Flight III

Teen 2 198 Joe Stuckel Storm Lake 365

Master 1 220 Brett Iwen Bennington, KS 355

Master 1 216 Phil Heath Algona 380

Master 1 210 Robert Knaack Estherville 375

Novice 1 213 Dylan Marlow Bronson, KS 370

Submaster 217 Jerry Goeders Ames 375

Master 1 268 Wayne Hammes Oskaloosa 425

Master 1 180 John Chrencik Hanlontown 425

Flight IV

Master 1 218 Dale Schmidtke Mason City 425

Teen 2 267 Jared Enderton Graettinger 435

Open 275 Tom Goeders Ames 450

Submaster 309 Jimmy Nichols Bronson, KS 510

Teen 2 175 Dave Nelson Manly 530

Submaster 347 Leonard Willison Cedar Falls 550

Open 312 Brian Grover Otho 540