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Gearing Up For RAGBRAI In Emmetsburg

Co-Chairs In Place -- Call For Volunteers

February 19, 2014
by Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

Emmetsburg is gearing up for this summer's RAGBRAI overnight stop. Co-chairs are in place and they are calling for volunteers to help.

"We want to show the riders in Emmetsburg a good time this summer," said Chamber Director, Deb Hite. "No, I take that back. We want to show them a great time! And it will take a lot of volunteers to help make that happen."

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board of a dozen community members is at the helm. This group includes Deb Hite, Executive Director of Emmetsburg Chamber of Com- merce, along with:?City Representative John Bird; Julie Leners, representing the banks; John Hand, representing Palo Alto County Health System; Dan McCain, representing the media; Carmen Moser, representing the County Supervisors; and Cyclist, Greg Hoyman; along with John Joynt, Val Newhouse, Police Chief Eric Hansen, Sheriff Lynn Schultes and Tim McCain. Steve Pelzer will serve as Treasurer.

Committee Co-Chairs

Four co-chairs are serving as coordinators of several areas where volunteers will be vital.

Jeremy Ward, housing director at Iowa Lakes Community College, will coordinate: housing, campgrounds, showers, sanitation and recycling, and volunteers.

Megan Noonan, marketing at Iowa Lakes Community College, will coordinate: publicity, hospitality, web and social media, with Carol Peaslee and Deb Jones, communications, and information center.

Troy Zimmerman, sales representative, will coordinate: food and vendors, electrical, beverage garden, with FUEL?members, and entertainment and special events with Dan McCain.

Sheryl Darling, from Palo Alto County Health System, will coordinate: public safety, law enforcement, medical, Ride Right with Steve Hoyman, and transportation.

Emmetsburg residents who would like to serve on any of these committees are encouraged to contact either the co-chair or Deb Hite at the Chamber Office by e-mail eburgchamber@kemb .org or by calling at 852-2283.

"We will need a lot of volunteers to make this overnight stay the best ever," said Deb Hite.?"Please volunteer your time and talents and serve where you serve best."

Updates about RAGBRAI in Emmetsburg will be printed on a regular basis. A web page will be developed to bring information to the public.

Contact e-mail addresses: and ridetoemmetsburg

Logo Contest

Emmetsburg will welcome RAGBRAI with an Irish flair. Following an Irish theme, the public is invited to participate in a RAGBRAI logo contest.

"We are inviting everyone, all ages, to submit a logo design, with an Irish theme, that will look good on a T-shirt," said Deb Hite.

The will be used on T-shirts, and may be used in other ways as well.

April 1 is the deadline to submit designs to the Chamber Office. The winner will receive $100 in Chamber Bucks.



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