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Calling All Dreamers

April 20, 2016 Have you always wanted to start your own business? Have we got a deal for you! Dream to Reality! If you have a dream of having your own business, now is the time to make your dream come true. more »»

Creatures Of The Night

April 19, 2016 I just finished a stay at our family farm. I felt like I had forgotten the sights and sounds of the country. more »»

Promote the General Welfare

April 19, 2016 Dear Editor: These countries are not in financial trouble despite the Panama Papers. Greece was retiring people at age 55. Here are some figures from my computer. Minimum wages (in U.S. more »»

Science Smorgasbord

April 14, 2016 In school, I was a science student. I liked studying rocks, the weather and space and the like, especially when it didn’t involve writing a lot of homewor. more »»

Spamalot - A Whole Lot Of Fun

April 12, 2016 Monty Python's creative, hilarious silliness is on the Main Street stage in "Spamalot". For those of you who missed opening weekend, there are three more shows this coming weekend. more »»

No Regrets…

April 7, 2016 Once you meet me, you will find that I am a simple person. I love the simple life. I live in the house I grew up in. My close circle of friends is limited yet I have acquaintances everywhere I go. more »»

Why So Tough?

April 5, 2016 It is with great interest that I saw the Iowa Senate and the Iowa House of Representatives both voted on and approved a school aid funding appropriation of 2. more »»

Ireland And U.S.

March 31, 2016 John Deasy, our dignitary visiting from Ireland, was no stranger to the United State. He attended Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA, on a golfing scholarship. We talked with Mr. more »»

An Important Come-From-Behind Victory

March 29, 2016 by Randy Evans On Friday when most Iowans were celebrating this team’s or that team’s victory in the NCAA basketball tournament, I was celebrating a come-from-behind victory for the people of Iowa. more »»

Sunshine Week Is An Important Reminder

March 24, 2016 Democracy functions best when the public has access to detailed information about what government officials do and why they do it. Iowa and most other states have what are called "sunshine" laws. more »»

Palo Alto County Ghost Towns - Part 1

March 22, 2016 I am one of those people who enjoy history and discovering sites that stood hundreds of years ago that have been long forgotten but are an important part of our past whether as a community, country... more »»

A Hidden Calling

March 17, 2016 I have a deep, dark secret - at least it might seem deep for those who don’t know me wel. more »»

Songs of Spring

March 15, 2016 Spring in the Air. It's a new season and what a delight it is to hear the songs of Spring. My favorite is the street sweeper son. more »»

Take Control of Stress At Work

March 10, 2016 Many of us spend a majority of our time and energy working - eight, ten and even twelve hour days are not uncommon. more »»


March 8, 2016 I dislike being sick. No, that’s not accurate - I really don’t like being sick. I make this statement because, despite my best efforts of washing my hands, etc, I got my Winter cold. more »»

Butterflies And Milkweeds

March 3, 2016 Monarch butterflies are receiving about as much press as some presidential candidates recently. Last week, the World Wildlife Fund announced the orange-and-black butterflies may be recovering. more »»

Spring Has Sprung

March 1, 2016 You must have noticed by now just how much more light there is. The days are getting longer and longer giving us plenty of time to come home from work or school and be outside doing whatever. more »»

Words Is Words, Right?

February 25, 2016 A compatriot at State Wrestling gave me this piece last week, saying that he knew how much I liked lists of off-the-wall topics. Reading it, he was right on the mark. more »»

Recognizing Grant Wood

February 23, 2016 It feels a lot like Spring and we’re ready to road trip. more »»

Scalia: The Man, The Justice

February 17, 2016 I am not a politician and I will never claim to be. I generally don’t discuss politics, even at home, because most of the time my viewpoint greatly differs from those around me and starts an argument. more »»



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