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In Search of Apples

October 6, 2016 A visit to the apple orchard is a ritual of fall. more »»

Homecoming Memories

October 4, 2016 The Homecoming season is winding down, but this week is the week of Homecoming activities in Emmetsburg. more »»

Supervisors Should Be Commended

September 29, 2016 Always being criticized for one thing or another, the job of a Supervisor is a thankless one. more »»

October -- Here We Come

September 27, 2016 Where did September go? It seems like yesterday when students returned to school and already the month has flown and we are looking at homecoming right around the corner. more »»

Quips From The Gridiron

September 22, 2016 Let’s set a couple of things straight. more »»

The Debate Continues

September 20, 2016 Over the past year recycling an renewable energy seems to have taken enter stage as the two most controversial subjects in our count. more »»

Get Happy!

September 15, 2016 All sorts of trivia crosses my desk any given day, especially on e-mail. A lot of information is unsolicited and most of it gets trashed. But every now and then there is an interesting little tidbi. more »»

Tell Us Something We Didn’t Know

September 13, 2016 We’ve all heard someone say, “Tell me something I didn’t know” at one time or another. The other evening, I?came across a website that listed little known facts about state. more »»

What To Do With It All

September 8, 2016 My mother always had a huge garden and about this time every year we enjoyed all the fresh vegetables we could eat. more »»

Fall Travel Experiences

September 7, 2016 Did you know: Tourism-related expenditures in Iowa in 2015 totaled $8.06 billion, according to a new study from the U.S. Travel Association. more »»

Blowin’ In The Wind

September 1, 2016 Much has been written and talked about in regards to wind energy, wind turbines and regulations of late here in Palo Alto County. more »»

Keep It Clean

August 30, 2016 Do you remember the American Indian sitting on his horse, and a solitary tear coming down his cheek. more »»

Back to School Safety Tips

August 25, 2016 Our area kids are back in school and it has been three short months since they got out for the summer. more »»

Hail The Champions

August 23, 2016 I have to admit, at first, I?wasn’t going to watch much of the Olympic coverage when the games in Rio began. more »»

Would You Survive?

August 18, 2016 How many of you would do well on a reality show? How many of you would do well on a reality show where you had to find your own food? How many of you would do well on a reality show where you had to... more »»

Sometimes The Future Really Does Matter

August 16, 2016 As a news reporter, I have learned many things about writing an unbiased article. Keeping personal feelings out can be a challenge, but it is very important to only report the facts. more »»

You Get What You Ask For

August 11, 2016 Everybody at some time or another has been asked a question that just stops you dead in your tracks. Your immediate response can vary from “Are you serious?” to “None of your @#$%&! Business. more »»

Too Good To Be True? Check It Out!

August 9, 2016 If something sounds too good to be true -- it usually is. In other words, check it out. If the news is startling and requires immediate action -- don’t be hasty. Check it out. more »»

Mom’s Favorite Sayings

August 3, 2016 Sometimes you just seem to find those times that really bring back memories of childhood. more »»

A Job Well Done

August 2, 2016 For those who missed out, the 2016 Palo Alto County Fair is entered in the history books. more »»



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