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What A Difference A Few Yesteryears Make

By Staff | Feb 18, 2021

To the Editor:

The picture on the front page of the Jan. 28, 2021 Democrat made me think of writing this.

No, not a few, but a lot of yesteryears ago, like maybe to the year 1933. I was five years old at that time and later that fall turned six. It was late March or early April on a very warm day. There was a six or eight inch layer of ice and snow pack on the streets of Emmetsburg at that time. I don’t think the streets had been totally cleaned all winter.

There were two rutted car tracks going from west to east and around the corners south and north, all four corners the same. We were parked on the north side of what is now the Cornerstone Pub. At that time it was the National 5¢ – 10¢ – $1.00 store.

Like I said before, it was a very warm day. That ice pack was breaking up. There were six WPA workers with number 2 or 4 flat shovels breaking that ice pack into small pieces and shoveling it into a truck that I thought was a large truck.

Our neighbor, Tom Mulry, had a similar truck. He told me, after I became an adult, he could get seven market hogs in it; eight if he pushed enough.

When the men got the truck full, two would get on top. Why? Because when the end gate was opened to unload, some of the chunks would fall out, but the rest would have to be pushed or shoveled out.

The front end loader, in the picture, if loaded full of snow, that truck they were using would not hold it all.

(signed) Marvin R. Duhn

Emmetsburg, IA