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Food Box Delivery is Appreciated

By Staff | Feb 17, 2021

To the Editor:

Last Thanksgiving time, Farmers to Families made a truck delivery of food boxes and produce to Emmetsburg. Many in our county benefited. The delivery was SO timely.

On Saturday February 20, another delivery is expected. “THANK YOU” to Sandy Iwen, Elderbridge, Palo Alto Council on Aging and Bethany Lutheran, Pastor Peter and ALL volunteers.

Our Ruthven Methodist Church has been using our frozen summer community garden produce, adding additional goods and delivering “Smile Sacks” as a local mission project to many shut ins this winter.

We will deliver these FARMERS TO FAMILY Boxes to these residents in Ruthven. With permission to be quoted, Denise wrote, “I would like to thank each and everyone of you for remembering me in prayer, smile sacks and dropping off the food boxes.” Ruth says, “I am alright- as my daughter can help me, but the extra food is SO appreciated. Please share my appreciation and God bless you all.” Retired Pastor Bill Smith and his wife said, “We really appreciate the food, seeing a smiling masked face at the door, and leaving off the food. Makes us so very grateful.”

This food distribution is open to EVERYONE in our county. Think about picking up a box and sharing with a neighbor or shut in. Special thanks to FARMERS TO FAMILIES and our local coordinators and volunteers.

STAY SAFE and WEAR A MASK (or two).

(signed) Maureen Reeves Horsley

Missions Committee,

Ruthven United Methodist Church