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By Jane Whitmore - | Jan 15, 2021

Another exciting opportunity is on the horizon for Emmetsburg – several, really. In addition to the strategic plan that is being developed by the City of Emmetsburg, Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities and Emmetsburg Community School District, a Community Visioning project has also been launched.

Both of these opportunities require involvement from the community – and that would be you! Participating on a committee gets your views and opinions on the board.

Personally, it’s rewarding to serve with the Iowa’s Living Roadways Community Visioning group. Emmetsburg participated in this type of planning about 20 years ago and we have begun the planning process for another go around. When you get old enough (or hang around long enough) you get to share your knowledge from the first time around with a new group of people.

The design for Emmetsburg’s community entrance signage was inspired by Community Visioning 20 years ago. Back then, however, funds were not available to complete the projects the community came up with.

Things changed when matching funds grants became available through Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation. All of Palo Alto County – communities, schools, non-profit organizations – have benefited.

This go-around with Iowa’s Living Roadways Community Visioning will have a different focus from last time. Areas of focus may include downtown streetscape improvements, new wayfinding signage, pocket park development, sidewalk and trail improvements within the community, safe routes to school, and enhancement of existing amenities.

When Emmetsburg was formally accepted into the program mid-November, Gretchen Reichter, Marketing and Retail Coordinator for Emmetsburg, commented: “The City of Emmetsburg is thrilled to take part in the Community Visioning program once again, and we are excited about the opportunity to engage residents in empowering positive change in the community. We recently kicked off our community-wide strategic planning process, and Community Visioning will be a great follow-up. We will be able to use insight gathered through the strategic planning public input process and build from specific areas and goals identified in the strategic plan.”

We had our second Zoom meeting Monday, and that’s the way we will meet. (fyi – When you ask ‘how do I mute this?’ at the beginning of the meeting, everyone already online can hear you – lol. Technology is a little more challenging for some of us.)

We will “zoom” our way through committee meetings and planning sessions throughout the year. Hopefully by the time we get some concept plans together, the public will be able to gather in person to share even more of their views and thoughts. We hope you’ll get involved.